When Drinking Water Can Be Harmful to a Child

The first study to examine the impact of arsenic in U.S. water supplies finds that schoolchildren exposed to arsenic in drinking water have lower IQ scores.

Public Health, Washington Style

Whitney Peters' whirlwind spring break included meetings with D.C. insiders, alumni and employers all as part of the School's first-ever Washington, D.C. Career Week.

Clouding the Issue

Fears of poisoning from liquid nicotine in e-cigarettes are overblown and could thwart a lifesaving technology, write Profs. Amy Fairchild and Ronald Bayer.

Clearing the Air

After a coal plant closed in Tongliang, China, children scored higher on tests for cognitive development, finds a study by Prof. Deliang Tang at the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health.

Disaster Ready

Nicole Lurie, the nation's top official for public health emergencies and recent guest speaker at the Mailman School, shares her thoughts on disaster readiness.

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