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Y. Claire Wang

Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management

Co-Director, Obesity Prevention Initiative

Dr. Wang is a decision scientist and epidemiologist who uses mathematical models to integrate epidemiology and demography to inform policy. She is interested in the distribution of modifiable risk factors like diet, exercise, and preventive screening, and how they reduce disease risk across the population. Her present research focuses on obesity and cardiovascular disease prevention. Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, she examined environmental and behavioral determinants of energy balance (energy intake vs. energy expenditure) to evaluate how various strategies and policies may help fight obesity in children and adolescents. One of her research areas is the role of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption by children and adults and the health and economic impacts of levying excise taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages (see report to New York State in 2010.) More recently, she led research projects to assess clinical guidelines of cardiovascular disease prevention, such as guidelines for blood pressure and cholesterol screening as part of pediatric services, and using imaging technologies to screen for atherosclerosis.
Education & Training:

    ScD, 2005, Harvard School of Public Health

    MSc, 2001, Harvard School of Public Health

    MD, 2000, National Taiwan University


Mailman School Affiliations:

    University Affiliations:

    • Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research  

    Additional Affiliations:

    New York City
      Impact of Taxes on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Project URL: http://

    Selected Publications:
    • Wang YC, Cheung AM, Bibbins-Domingo K, Prosser LA, Cook NR, Goldman L, Gillman MW "Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Blood Pressure Screening in Adolescents in the United States." Journal of Pediatrics 158 257-264 2011
    • Wang YC, Gortmaker SG, Taveras EM "Trends and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Severe Obesity among U.S. Children and Adolescents, 1976-2006." International Journal of Pediatric Obesity March 2010
    • Iribarne A, Easterwood R, Wang YC. "Integrating Economic Evaluation Methods into Clinical and Translational Science Award Consortium Comparative Effectiveness Educational Goals." Academic Medicine 2011
    • Wang YC, Ludwig DS, Sonneville K, Gortmaker SG "Within-person Impact of Beverage Consumption Choices on Total Daily Energy Intake." Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 163 336-343 2009
    • Groot Koerkamp B, Wang YC, Hunink MGM. "Cost-effectiveness Analysis for Surgeons." Surgery 145 616-22 2009
    • Wang, Y.C., Bleich, S., Gortmaker, S.G. "Increasing Caloric Contribution from Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and 100% Fruit Juices among US Children and Adolescents" Pediatrics 121 e1604-e1614 2008
    • Wang, Y.C., Colditz, G.A., Kuntz, K.M. "Forecasting the Obesity Epidemic in the Aging United States Population" Obesity 15 (11) 2855-2865 2007
    • Studdert, D.M., Mello, M.M., Gawande, A.A., Brennan, T.A., Wang, Y.C. "Disclosure of Medial Injury: An Improbable Risk Management Strategy" Health Affairs 26 (1) 215-226 2007
    • Wang, Y.C., Gortmaker, S.G., Sobol A.M., Kuntz, K.M. "Estimating the Energy Gap among US Children: A Counterfactual Approach" Pediatrics 118 (6) 1721-1733 2006
    • Wang YC, Lipsitch M. "Consequences of Upgrading within an Existing Antimicrobial Class." Proceedings of National Academy of Science. 103 (25) 9655-9660 2006

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