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Obesity-Attributable Absenteeism Among U.S. Workers Costs the Nation More than $8 Billion Annually, 11/21/2014
Taking Antibiotics During Pregnancy Increases Risk for Child Becoming Obese, 11/18/2014
State Income Taxes on the Working Poor Vary By Thousands of Dollars, 11/11/2014
Report Card on Complementary Therapies for Breast Cancer, 11/05/2014
ADHD-Air Pollution Link, 11/05/2014
Jack Geiger Receives Frank A. Calderone Prize in Public Health, 10/28/2014
Computer Model Predicts Growth of Ebola Infections in West Africa, 10/13/2014
Rats of New York and the Diseases They Carry, 10/10/2014
Phthalates Heighten Risk for Childhood Asthma, 09/17/2014
Evidence of Genetic Link to PTSD in Soldiers Exposed to Childhood Trauma, 09/17/2014
Advancing the Science for Health Programming in Crisis Conditions, 09/15/2014
One in Five Young Men Unable to Purchase Emergency Contraception, 09/12/2014
Fixing the Troubled U.S. Mental Health System, 09/05/2014
Clean Air Halves Health Costs in Chinese City, 09/02/2014
New Master's Degree for Tomorrow's Healthcare Leaders, 08/26/2014
Teen Sleeplessness Piles on Risk for Obesity, 08/20/2014
Neighborhood Park Features Associated with Body Mass Index, 08/07/2014
Vets’ Alcohol Problems Linked to Stress on the Home Front, 07/24/2014
Experts on HIV/AIDS Caution on Minimizing Challenges in Science Paper, “End of AIDS: Hype versus Hope”, 07/17/2014
Adolescent Males Seek Intimacy and Close Relationships with the Opposite Sex, 07/15/2014
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