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PTSD Raises Odds of Heart Attack and Stroke in Women, 06/29/2015
Saying No to ACA Medicaid Expansion Costs States Money, 06/22/2015
Study Shows Global Warming Is Unlikely to Reduce Winter Deaths, 06/19/2015
Energy Efficiency Upgrades Ease Strain of High Energy Bills and Thermal Discomfort in Low-Income Families, 06/10/2015
Genome-wide DNA Study Shows Lasting Impact of Malnutrition in Early Pregnancy, 05/18/2015
Researchers Call for Interdisciplinary Look at Sexual Violence on Campus, 05/15/2015
Frequent Trips to ER Are Powerful Predictor of Death from Prescription Drug Overdoses, 05/12/2015
Are Scare Tactics Off the Table for Public Health Campaigns Targeting HIV?, 05/04/2015
Toxic Combination of Air Pollution and Poverty Lowers Child IQ, 04/29/2015
Heroin Use Spikes Among Whites Who Abuse Prescription Painkillers, 04/28/2015
Selecting the Right Tool For the Job: Ethics Surrounding Drug Trials During Deadly Infectious Disease Outbreaks, 04/16/2015
Too Many Obstetrics Beds in NYC Hospitals: Cost to City Is Approximately $26.4 Million Per Year, 04/10/2015
Scientists Find Clues Into Cognitive Dysfunction in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 03/31/2015
Study Provides Evidence Against the Fetal Origins of Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease, 03/27/2015
Medicaid Is a Very Good Investment Even If It Does Not Lower Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, or Blood Sugar, 03/26/2015
Autistic Children More Likely to Have GI Issues in Early Life, 03/25/2015
Breathing Air Pollutants During Pregnancy Can Damage Child's Brain, 03/25/2015
Female Health Workers Increased Use of Health Services in Hard-to-Reach Rural Area, 03/20/2015
New Findings: Older Workers Play Pivotal Role in Solving Today’s Workforce Challenges, 03/18/2015
Rat Brains Point to Lead's Role in Schizophrenia, 03/11/2015
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