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Scientists Discover Robust Evidence That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is a Biological Illness, 02/27/2015
Women Twice as Likely to See Pot as Risky, 02/25/2015
Teens Increasingly Sleep Deprived, 02/16/2015
Superfund Research Program Shows Many U.S. Wells Tainted With Arsenic, 02/04/2015
Four out of Every Ten American Children Live in Low-income Families, 01/27/2015
Half of Young Victims of Fatal Crashes in Nine U.S. States Used Either Alcohol or Marijuana, 01/15/2015
Epidemiologists Receive Grant to Study Senior Safety on the Road, 01/12/2015
Nutrition Intervention Leads to Sustained Dietary Behavior Changes Among Latina Breast Cancer Survivors, 01/08/2015
PTSD Doubles Diabetes Risk in Women, 01/07/2015
Drug Overdose Epidemic to Recede Soon, 01/06/2015
PTSD and Depression in Survivors a Decade after 9/11, 01/02/2015
Text Messaging Reminders Increase Second Dose Influenza Vaccinations in Children, 12/29/2014
American Institute of Architects Names Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health and School of Architecture Members of First AIA Design & Health Research Consortium, 12/15/2014
Exposure During Pregnancy to Common Household Chemicals Associated with Substantial Drop in Child IQ, 12/10/2014
Skipping College Makes Young People More Likely to Abuse Pain Pills, 12/02/2014
People Conceived During the Dutch Famine Have Altered Regulation of Growth Genes, 12/01/2014
Obesity-Attributable Absenteeism Among U.S. Workers Costs the Nation More than $8 Billion Annually, 11/21/2014
Taking Antibiotics During Pregnancy Increases Risk for Child Becoming Obese, 11/18/2014
State Income Taxes on the Working Poor Vary By Thousands of Dollars, 11/12/2014