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Develops applications and theory to address variability, uncertainty, and chance in order to support public health and biomedicine findings with reliable evidence.

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Environmental Health Sciences

Trains students to identify and assess environmental
health risks, providing vital opportunities to intervene and thus help foster positive health outcomes for the community.

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Epidemiology is concerned with the distribution and causes of disease in human populations and with developing and testing ways to prevent and control disease.

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Health Policy & Management

Provides the knowledge and practical skills required for careers in the U.S. and abroad as healthcare managers, policy analysts, consultants, and public health professionals.

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The Heilbrunn Department of Population & Family Health

Focuses on systems-wide methods and interventions in family, reproductive, and sexual health; human rights; and the health of people living in emergencies.

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Sociomedical Sciences

Applies social science theories to analyze public health problems and design effective interventions and strategies that prevent disease and promote health.

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