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TV’s Top Public Health Moments of 2015

Television delivered new visibility to public health issues this year, from abortion to LGBT identity, from mass incarceration to the War on Drugs. Here’s our Top Ten list.

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Why Your Old Sofa Is Bad for Your Health

After pioneering research linking flame retardants with developmental problems, Julie Herbstman tells us how we can limit exposure.

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How Obamacare Explains the Rising Popularity of IUDs

Your guide to 55 years of changing attitudes and preferences around birth control in the United States.

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Faculty in the News

Google Helps Researchers Track Down Worst STD Cases, CNN, December 11

Companies Tap Fountains of Age, Wall Street Journal, December 8

Public Health and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Huffington Post, December 8

Unprotected Sex More Common Among Young Gay, Bi Men With Detectable HIV, Reuters, December 7

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