What Schistosomiasis Tells Us About Police Violence

In a special issue of the Journal of Urban Health, Mindy Fullilove uses an infectious disease analogy to shed light on the environment in which police violence thrives.

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Hope for the Country With the World’s Highest Rate of TB 

In a video for World TB Day, Andrea Howard speaks about ICAP’s early success with an intervention for people in Lesotho.

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7 Lessons Learned During DC Career Week

Mailman alums share their secrets to landing the perfect public health job in the nation’s capital—or anywhere.

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Faculty in the News

How Prenatal Pollution Exposure Can Lead to Behavior Problems in Children, Time Magazine, March 17

Our Broken Environment Kills a Quarter of Us, Bloomberg News, March 15

Women Who Brought Zika Fears Home With Them, New York Times, March 15

Environmental Group Warns of Arsenic-Laced Water in Texas, Associated Press, March 14

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