Essential information about the program (including the entire doctoral program handbook) is available online, and students are strongly encouraged to review this information before contacting faculty members. Direct general questions to Andrea Constancio.

Each concentration or program has a faculty liaison, designated to respond to inquiries from prospective students. Consider contacting these faculty with specific questions only after you have reviewed all the information about the program available through the website. We do not have a formal interview process, nor do we expect all prospective applicants to make personal contact in the months before submitting an application. At the same time, we understand the challenge of choosing a doctoral program and welcome substantive inquiries from well-prepared students.

DrPH: Professor Marni Sommer

PhD Anthropology: Professor Kim Hopper

PhD History: Professor Kavita Sivaramakrishnan

PhD Psychology: Professor Patrick Wilson

PhD Sociology: Professor Constance Nathanson