Injury Registry

The  contribution  of  injury  to  the  burden  of  disease  in  low  and  middle-income  countries  is increasing,  yet its  prevention and management is  not attracting the desired level of attention. An important factor contributing to this issue is the inadequacy of data available to generate actionable information to support advocacy and development of interventions. The Injury Registry in Ghana was initiated and led by Dr. Frank Baiden. This initiative used a simple, standardized tool to systematically collect detailed information on the causes, precipitating factors, nature, severity, and clinical outcomes of all cases of injury reported at a district regional hospital. Data collection occurred between January 2012 to December 2014 and 7,148 injured patients were recruited. The two facilities were selected to provide data from semi-rural and urban settings and the registry employed the use of both routine and non-routine health staff to identify cases and collect the required data.