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The Big Idea: A Voice for Women and Girls

October 2017

Columbia Magazine published a Q&A with Dr. Lindsay Stark, a PFMH professor and Executive Director of the CPC Learning Network, regarding her research on gender based violence among refugee populations.

Monitoring and reporting attacks on education in the democratic republic of the congro and somalia

August 2017

Dr. Les Roberts, recently published a paper in Disasters, exploring, "whether or not a local knowledge base of education and child protection actors in North and South Kivu Provinces, DCR, and in Mogadishu, Somalia, could contribute to a more complte record of attacks on education in those areas." Read the full report here.

Highlighting realities faced by Asylum seekers in the Mediterranean 

July 2017 

Dr. Spencer has been working this summer on board the MV Aquarius in the Mediterranean for Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres rescuing Libyan asylum seekers who are making the dangerous journey to Italy. His interview in this Deutsche Welle article highlights the reality faced by asylum seekers escaping Libya. Read it here

Read more about about what's happening in the Mediterranean here, with Dr. Spencer's OpEd published in Politico and here, with his interview on NPR.  

You can find out more about Dr. Spencer's work here, with an RTE Morning Ireland Radio clip and a video here. Also, check out Dr. Spencer on MSF's Twitter feed, here.

PBS to the contrary: "The Orphan Myth: Keeping families together"

19 APRIL 2016

Last week, PBS' show To the Contrary, released an episode titled ''The Orphan Myth: Keeping Families Together.' This 25-minute segment details the necessary trend away from orphanages and towards family reunification. Orphanages around the globe have been receiving funding through private donors and voluntourists hoping to improve the lives of children. While the intent may come from a place of kindness and generosity, the ramifications are economically and socially rife with unintended consequences. In this segment, PBS discusses the importance of family reunification and cites work coming from some of our very own PFMH family members. For those of you interested in learning more about this topic, check out the PBS Link here.  

Access the Child Protection in Crisis Learning Network's Unaccompanied and Separated Children research here

Huffpost impact: the blog- invisible to the system: life without a birth certificate

28 MARCH 2016

Dr. Lindsay Stark shares the problem of lack of birth registration in Indonesia, and what it means, particularly in regards to legal recognition, for millions of children and adults. Read this blog post here


Huffpost Impact: The blog - The "orphan" Generation in cambodia 

19 FEBRUARY 2016

Dr. Lindsay Stark discusses the problem of Cambodian parents enrolling their children in orphanages in response to a lack of social welfare support and poverty. Learn more about a project looking to both understand this phenomoenon and ways to combat the negative child health effects caused by institutionalization here



Cnn Op-Eds - How refugee debate misses the point

18 November 2015

Dr. Lindsay Stark comments on the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, you can read more on their thoughts at CNN's Op-Eds here.


huffington post blog - Why our current responses for refugees aren't enough

11 November 2015

Dr. Lindsay Stark is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post. Please see her latest article on the need for change in how humantirian actors need to change approaches to meet current needs here.



Investing in Ugandan children: A response to uganda's national development plan ii

09 November 2015

This recently released position paper identifies four key areas of investment in child health and development and aims to open dialouge and promote critical thinking among Uganda's policymakers. non-governmental agencies and civil society actors. Research and synthesis for this report was led by Dr. Sarah Meyer, Ms. Lily Zhi Ning Lu and Ms. Rachel Webster on behalf of the AfriChild Centre and has been endorsed by members of the Uganda Child Rights Network. Please access and read more at the CPC webpage