Our Team

Raygine DiAquoi
Director of the Office of Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion
Assistant Professor of Sociomedical Sciences

Raygine DiAquoi is the Director of the Office of Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion and an Assistant Professor of Sociomedical Sciences. In this role, she is responsible for developing a rich agenda of activities and programs that promote the recognition and understanding of historical and current social inequalities, and facilitating action steps in our institution, community, and in the broader field of public health to eliminate them.

Dr. DiAquoi is devoted to creating leaders for equity. Prior to joining the Mailman School of Public Health, she was an educational equity consultant, providing relevant training and support to communities and educational institutions to improve the academic experiences of marginalized populations. Her research interests include anti-racist education, multicultural education, applicability of anti-colonial theory in schools, and racial socialization. Her work on students of color at an elite boarding school was published in the book Educating Elites: Class Privilege and Educational Advantage (2010) and the Harvard Educational Review (2012). A former editor of the Harvard Educational Review, she is co-editor of the book Education for a Multicultural Society (2011) and has written about the specific competencies required of African American students and their families (2012; 2014; 2015). Her dissertation examined the way that parents speak with their children about racism and the social and historical factors that inform the content of those conversations.

She earned her Doctorate in Culture, Communities, and Education and Master’s in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Columbia University.

Leah Hooper
Senior Director of Teaching and Learning

In Leah’s capacity as Senior Director of Teaching and Learning, she provides guidance on evidence-based curricular design, instructional practice, assessment, and evaluation. Leah currently develops and leads faculty workshops and consults with school leadership on best practices in education. She has recently organized resources to help faculty and administrators build a more inclusive learning community by recognizing and addressing microaggressions in the school culture. Her areas of interest include using research-based instructional design in distance-based programs and supporting the effective use of technologies to enhance student learning and to eliminate disparities in achievement.

In collaborating with ODCI, Leah supports instructors and school leaders as we translate insights into practical changes in curriculum and classroom teaching. She works with faculty to create equitable, inclusive education experiences for all students at the Mailman School.

Robert Fullilove
Associate Dean for Community and Minority Affairs

Robert Fullilove has spent the better part of his professional life working on issues that impact poor communities of color in the United States. He has directed or co-directed programs to improve the capacity of minority students to perform at the highest levels in college and graduate school. Since 1986, he been conducting public health research and policy studies designed to understand the dynamics of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, in particular, and the pattern of health disparities, in general.

Dr. Fullilove was a member of the Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) from 1996 to 2002. He has served on five IOM study committees. He was the co-chair of the Federal Advisory Committee to the Centers for Disease Control and the Health Services Administration on HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention from 2000 to 2004. He chaired the Advisory Commission to the Office of Minority Health for the State of New Jersey from 2003-2010. In the Department of Sociomedical Sciences, he teaches one course on race and health, another on emerging issues in urban health, and another on the urbanist's approach to chronic diseases.

Erlinda Delacruz 
Program Coordinator

Erlinda Delacruz is the Program Coordinator for the Office of Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion. Erlinda is responsible for supporting the development and execution of a wide array of initiatives related to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion, such as the Self, Social, and Global Awareness program, and assisting in the daily operations of the ODCI to foster an inclusive academic and work environment at the Mailman School of Public Health.

Throughout her career, Erlinda has demonstrated a commitment to addressing issues of inequity. In her previous roles, she has lead diversity programming and training development, and supported underserved populations. Prior to joining ODCI, Erlinda worked in residence life at Saint Peter’s University, a Hispanic Serving Institution, in Jersey City, NJ; a high school therapist for students of color in Roxbury, MA; and the Program Coordinator and College Relations for Aguila Youth Leadership Institute, a college-access program mainly designed for Latin youth, in Phoenix, AZ. In graduate school, she did research on how makeup perpetuates colorism starting from a Filipino-American lens. Additionally, she currently serves as one of the Regional Ambassadors for the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) - Asian Pacific American Network.

Erlinda received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Film Studies and Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College.