The public health field justifiably takes pride in being among the most diverse professions in the world. And the Mailman School is no exception. Throughout its history, the School has sought to engage members of diverse communities in its work, research, and policy making initiatives. As one of the nation’s top-ranked schools of public health, the Mailman School has worked diligently to recruit a student body, faculty, and staff that reflect the racial, ethnic, social, economic, and cultural diversity of the United States and of the international communities that have been the focus of its scholarship and service.  The School is committed to creating an environment that supports success for people of all backgrounds.

The Mailman School of Public Health has also been in the forefront of research and programming to examine and resolve disparities in health and in healthcare wherever they exist. Efforts to serve underrepresented minority groups in the United States have led to the creation of a number of programs that have gained national and international prominence. The School has been especially dedicated to building a pipeline that leads students from the undergraduate years into careers at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels of study, and recognizing, strengthening and expanding the particular intellection and cultural abilities of its students.

Our Commitment to Promoting Diversity

A commitment to diversity requires more than offering a variety of programs—it means bringing a “lifecourse lens” to this essential issue. From pipeline programs for both students and faculty to strong mentoring and collaboration efforts to focused promotion and tenure plans, the Mailman School does more than talk about diversity. We live it.