Community partners benefit from Center expertise with messaging, advocacy campaigns, and study designs. The Center also serves as a training resource for scientists and educators to improve their capacity to communicate to external audiences including media, donors, and policymakers.

Healthy Mondays at Columbia

The Monday Campaigns is a nonprofit public health campaign that dedicates the first day of every week to healthy behaviors. Research shows that frequent periodic messages and the unique cultural associations of Monday has the potential to positively influence a range of health behaviors. The Monday Campaigns provides research, creative services, and free ready-to-scale programs to organizations who would like to incorporate the Monday concept into their health promotion programs. The Lerner Center works with The Monday Campaigns to support this movement throughout Columbia University.  

Check out this short 5-minute film, "One Day a Week" released by the Meat Free Monday campaign. The film, narrated by Paul McCartney, highlights the damaging environmental impact of animal agriculture and aims to inspire people to make achievable changes to their diet by eating less meat.

Meatless Monday turns 100!

Mark Bittman supports Meatless Monday!

Learn more about Healthy Mondays here

I Love NY Water

I Love NY Water is a campaign that promotes the benefits of drinking New York tap water and creates awareness on the environmental impact and costs associated with disposable bottled water. Water refill stations across the Columbia University Medical Center campus are labelled with I Love NY Water signage. Download a map of available bottle refill stations on campus! 

Meatless Monday Citywide Evaluation Plan

A team of MPH students designed a comprehensive evaluation plan to assess the impact of citywide Meatless Monday initiatives. Drawing from the Meatless Monday campaign already implemented in Los Angeles, the proposed plan outlines the purpose, program logic model, program theory, questions, designs and methods for conducting a wide-scale evaluation. This plan can be modified and adapted to accommodate the needs of any Meatless Monday citywide resolution. Click to download the Meatless Monday Evaluation Plan, and Evaluation Plan Presentation. Designed by Heather Mui, Hannah Sabbagh, Nadia Safaeinili and Alex Zenoff. 

Get Healthy Heights

In partnership with the Community Engagement Core Resource of the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, the Center serves on the Steering Committee of the initiative. Serving communities in Washington Heights and Inwood, is an interactive health website for all who live and work in northern Manhattan to connect, collaborate and participate in their health and the health of the community.

Thank You to Our Partners