1. AFFIRM: Africa Focus on Intervention Research for Mental Health

The overall goal of AFFIRM is to improve the delivery of cost-effective mental health interventions in sub-Saharan Africa. Website, Article


Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe


2. Air Pollution and Child Health and Development

Study reviews the impact of government policy on air pollution and associations between prenatal exposure and the neurobehavioral development and respiratory health of children. Website


3. Chinese Center for Disease Control

Training Chinese CDC personnel in HTS and VirCapSeq.


4. Cognition in Schizophrenia

Lawrence Yang, Ezra Susser

The study focuses on cognition in individuals with treated vs. untreated psychosis, the latter group soon to be treated via a new public health program in Ningxia, China.


5. Environmental Health and Children

Molecular epidemiological studies that examine environmental policies, trends in environmental pollutant levels, health data of the local population, and biomarker data. Website


6. Hanwang Forum

Annual forum facilitates discussion on design and building of a large city incorporating key objectives on health, disaster preparedness, and a reduced carbon footprint.


7. H5N1 Infection of the Respiratory Tract and Beyond: A Molecular Pathology Study

Study determining the transmission of the H5N1 through the body. Article


8. Household Air Pollution

Research regarding the health impacts (including birth weight, childhood pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, and lung funtion) of household air pollution from cooking fires, and the benefits of adopting cleaner-burning cookstoves.


Ghana, India, Kenya


9. Mothers and Newborns Study 

Seeks to determine the health benifits to newborns of reducing in utero exposure to toxic air pollutants generated by coal burning. Article, Article


10. SARS

Real-time polymerase chain reaction for detecting SARS coronavirus. Article