Students enter the EXEC program each September. Participants attend classes as a cohort. Program sessions are held one long weekend each month — Thursday and Saturday from 9am - 5pm, Thursday through Saturday, and 9am-4pm on Sunday. When classes are not in session, students communicate with each other, the program staff and faculty via email, teleconference, Skype, Google chat and other modes. Participants should expect to devote at least ten to fifteen hours per week to individual study in preparation for each monthly program.


September        13-16
October            18-21
November         15-18
December         13-16



January              10-13
February            14-17
March                14-17
April                  11-14
May                   16-19
June                  20-23
July                   18-21
August               8-11


Transcends Boundaries

"The program enables you to transcend boundaries. The focused, one-weekend-a-month format enabled me to commute from England."


Rachel Pitts-Tucker
Project Manager
Abacus International
Oxfordshire, England