We have a new name!

Due to overlap with Epic, the medical record corporation, we changed our official name. Our new name is episummer@columbia. This new name reflects our current focus of increasing the number of on-line courses to accommodate working professionals and those from out of the area.

Do I have to apply to episummer@columbia?

You do not have to apply for any of the classes in the episummer@columbia program, but you should check the prerequisites to make sure you have adequate background for a course. Please note: if you are seeking to participate in the scholarship program, you will have to submit an application.

How much do episummer@columbia courses cost?

In person courses
4-hour course: $250
8-hour course: $500
12-hour course: $700
16-hour course: $900
20-hour course: $1000

Digital courses

5-hour course: $250
10-hour course: $500
15-hour course: $800
20-hour course: $1000


Participants registering prior to April 1 will receive a 10% discount. Discounts are taken at checkout.

Can I take an EPISUMMER@COLUMBIA course online?

Yes. Our month-long distance learning courses are available anywhere in the world and at your own pace.

Can I get a discount for episummer@columbia courses?

Participants registering prior to April 1 will receive a 10% discount. Discounts are taken at checkout.

How can I pay for episummer@columbia?

You can pay for episummer@columbia with an approved credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Large institutional registrations can be made directly by contacting us.

Are there requirements I have to fulfill to take a course?

Each course lists a recommended background for participants on its course page. For many but not all of the courses, it will help to have a background in introductory epidemiology and biostatistics. Please contact the episummer@columbia director or course instructor if you still have questions as to whether you are qualified. It is not necessary to have a degree in public health to take an episummer@columbia course.

How many courses can I take in the episummer@columbia program?

You can take as many courses as your schedule allows. Each week we offer several courses in multiple formats, including week-long courses that meet for 4 hours per day as well as 1, 2 and 3-day short courses lasting 4-8 hours. Please refer to the course schedule for more information on dates/times of course offering. Digital courses are fully online.

I'm coming to episummer@columbia as an international attendee. What kind of visa should I get?

You may need to obtain a B (aka traveler’s) visa from your consulate. You can e-mail us if you need a letter confirming your enrollment in episummer@columbia for the visa. Because episummer@columbia is a seminar — not a degree-granting course — and only for four weeks maximum, you do not need an F1 or J1 visa.

What is your recommendation for accommodations during the summer course?

We have provided some suggestions for accommodations, all of which are either on campus or a 20–35 minute train ride away. Book early, as rooms for summer are limited and fill up fast. We cannot guarantee availability.

Accommodations in Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights is approximately 20-25 minutes by train from the Mailman School of Public Health, where all episummer@columbia classes are held. It is a vibrant neighborhood with many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and within walking distance from two beautiful parks (Riverside Park and Central Park). It is also the home of the main Columbia University campus. It is approximately 25 minutes by train from Midtown Manhattan.

  • The International House offers student rooms at $70 per night and guest rooms start at $140 per night. There is also a summer session housing option if you plan to stay for 30 days or more. For more information, check here.
  • The Morningside Inn at 235 W. 107th Street offers hotel accommodations for visitors starting at $95/night for a "budget single."
  • Teachers College offers a limited amount of rooms for people attending summer workshops. For more information, check here.
  • NYLO New York City is a boutique hotel with rooms starting around $320/night.
  • Edge Hotel offers 54 modern, comfortable guest rooms just steps from Columbia University Medical Center.

For other accommodations, visit the Where to Stay page for Columbia-affiliated discounts.

We recommend that for your convenience you arrange accommodations with subway access to the Mailman School via the A, or C trains. Travel times and costs can be estimated using Google Maps, with the destination as 722 W 168th St, New York, NY, 10032.

What is your average class size?

Class size will vary from 10 to 30 participants depending on the level of interest and the instructional format.

How do I get to the campus, and where will my classes be held?

All episummer@columbia classes will be held in the Mailman School of Public Health Allan Rosenfield Building at 722 W. 168th Street, or the Hammer Health Sciences Building at 701 W. 168th Street. Classes held in an LL room of Hammer are on the lower lobby level of the building, below the 701 W. 168th Street entrance.

Our campus is easily accessible by subway. Take the A or C lines to the 168th Street stop. If you're exiting at 168th and Broadway, make a left and walk straight (west) about 1.5 blocks. The Allan Rosenfield building is located at Haven on the south side of 168th, and the Hammer building is located between Haven and Fort Washington on the north side of 168th. Here is a map of the Columbia University Medical Center.

Please note: beginning January 5, 2019 through early 2020, 1 trains will NOT stop at the 168th Street station in either direction. The MTA is replacing elevators serving the 1 train platform and making other upgrades. Please visit CUIMC’s 1 train advisory webpage (https://www.cuimc.columbia.edu/subway) for information about the closure and transportation alternatives.

Do I need to bring a computer with me?

Laptops are required for some courses. Please see the course description for more information regarding what you might need to bring to class.

Can I receive academic credit for my participation in the episummer@columbia courses?

Episummer@columbia participants will not receive academic credit. However, the Department of Epidemiology at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health offers an executive master of science in epidemiology on a schedule that is tailored for working health professionals as well as MPH, MS, PhD, and DrPH training. Learn more about our executive degree or all of our degree programs.

How can I get proof of completing a course?

Within two weeks of the end of episummer@columbia, we provide a letter of course completion to each participant who has completed the course. Individuals who register but do not attend the full course will not receive letters of completion.

Can I receive tuition reimbursement if I'm a Columbia faculty member, student, or staff?

Columbia tuition reimbursements for episummer@columbia are not offered. However, we have made an effort to keep our courses affordable for all participants. Discounts are available for registrations placed prior to April 1, and scholarships are available for selected courses.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. episummer@columbia is able to offer a limited number of full scholarships for selected courses. Visit our Scholarships page for more details.

Can I apply for more than one of the selected scholarship courses?

No. Your application should detail why that particular course is important to your scholarly/career aims.

If I am awarded a scholarship for one or more of the selected courses, can I still register for other courses offered?


Can I transfer my scholarship to another course if I change my mind?

No. You will be evaluated for a scholarship based on the relevance of that particular course to you.

Are Columbia University faculty, staff and students eligible for scholarships?


What is your refund and cancellation policy?

A full refund will be provided for course registrations cancelled before May 15.

Is there a full degree program available that provides training similar to EPIC for health professionals?

The Department of Epidemiology at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health offers an executive master of science in epidemiology on a schedule that is tailored for working health professionals as well as MPH, MS, PhD, and DrPH training. Learn more about our executive degree or all of our degree programs.