Our Team

Sebastian Fries

As executive director of Corporate Partnerships at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, Sebastian Fries, PhD, calls upon his extensive knowledge of public/private partnerships mixed with 20 years of private sector experience to achieve results impacting companies’ performance and sustainability goals. He is a veteran of both Pfizer and TOMS, where he led the company’s giving strategy, which evolved to provide not only shoes, but also eyeglasses, safe birthing kits, clean-water technology, and bullying prevention in more than 70 countries.

Please contact Sebastian to learn about how the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health can help fulfill your business objectives: sf2799@cumc.columbia.edu or (212) 342-3286.

Christina McCarthy

The director of business operations for Columbia Mailman Corporate Partnerships, Christina McCarthy, MPA, brings a deep knowledge of operational efficiency to her role leveraging public health insights to address the priorities of corporate partners. McCarthy is responsible for designing and maintaining critical aspects of operations, including developing timelines, deliverables, contracts, and operating procedures, financial forecasting; and liaising with core Columbia University and Columbia University Medical Center offices.

Batya Elul

Batya Elul, PhD, MSc, associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center and co-director of the Global Health Certificate program at Columbia Mailman School, has over 20 years of experience conducting applied research on infectious disease and reproductive health, much of it focused on the rapid scale-up of HIV services in sub-Saharan Africa. She has a particular interest in the use of data to answer pressing questions. Elul is a vital link between the partnerships team and scientists, utilizing her extensive research experience to envision the most effective scope and data points for projects.