Simon Anthony, D. Phil

Assistant Professor in Epidemiology
Phone: 212.342.0558
Fax: 212.342.9044




University of Wales, Bangor, United Kingdon, B.Sc. Zoology, 2001
University of Oxford/The Pirbright Institute, United Kingdom, D.Phil, Molecular Virology, 2007


Emerging infectious diseases
Viral discovery and surveillance
Viral ecology


My work focuses on zoonotic and emerging infectious diseases (EIDs), specifically on the discovery, ecology, evolution, and epidemiology of viruses. I am interested in the factors that increase the risk of disease emergence in humans, including host or viral traits, and in basic yet fundamental questions about viral diversity, such as the number of viruses that exist and how viral communities are assembled. The overall objective of my work is to understand how genetic, ecological, and evolutionary factors each contribute to the risk of zoonotic emergence.

Key countries of engagement: Bangladesh, Brazil, Malaysia, Uganda, Mexico, Bolivia
Affiliations: EcoHealth Alliance, Columbia University Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology


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