Feb. 22 2017
Autism Risk Linked to Herpes Infection During Pregnancy
Women with signs of active genital herpes had twice the odds of giving birth to offspring with autism spectrum disorder.


Apr. 5 2016
Scientists Net Virus Behind Tilapia Die-Offs in 2 continents
Discovery points the way to protecting a fish that feeds multitudes.

Apr. 3 2016
Ian Lipkin Debunks Anti-Vax Documentary in Wall Street Journal
Lipkin worked behind the scenes to persuade Tribeca Film Festival organizers not to provide a platform for misinformation


Feb. 16 2016 
CII Receives Grant from Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation to Study Tick-Borne Diseases
The grant will support research into known and as-yet-to be-discovered tick-borne bacteria and viruses.

Jan. 8 2016
Ian Lipkin Receives Top Science Honor in China
President Xi Jinping presided over ceremony acknowledging Dr. Lipkin's outstanding contributions to scientific advancement in China.

Dec. 4 2015
Precision Medicine Technology Hailed as “World Changing Idea”
The CII's new diagnostics technology was featured as one of Scientific American's ten “World Changing Ideas” of 2015.