Sept. 27 2017
NIH Awards $9.6M to Columbia-Led CFS Research Center
Researchers’ Translational Projects Will Yield Insights Into a Disease Affecting up to 2.5 Million Americans


Aug. 14 2017
FDA Approves Emergency Use for Multiplex Zika Test
Unique test identifies Zika and 3 other mosquito-borne viruses, will be used in NIH study


Jun. 21 2017
Could Flu During Pregnancy Raise Risk for Autism?
CII researchers find mixed evidence on the link between maternal influenza during pregnancy and risk that the offspring will develop autism

Jun. 16 2017
The CII goes tick hunting
Tokarz takes Vice News on a tick-hunting expedition to investigate a potentially deadly disease in the Eastern US


Jun. 13 2017
Autism Risk Linked to Fever During Pregnancy
Prenatal exposure to maternal fever during the second trimester raises odds of autism spectrum disorder by 40%

Jun. 12 2017
Bats Are the Major Reservoir of Coronaviruses Worldwide 
Results of a five-year study in 20 countries show that bats harbor a large diversity of coronaviruses (CoV)


Apr. 26 2017
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Linked to Imbalanced Microbiome​
Scientists identify abnormal levels of specific gut bacteria in ME/CFS patients,  including those with and without co-morbid IBS

Apr. 20 2017
Scientists Uncover Details on the Rise of a Tick-Borne Disease on Long Island
New lab test identifies increased prevalence of a tick-borne pathogen responsible for spike in babesiosis cases in Suffolk County

Apr. 4 2017
CII Reports 1st Biological Evidence of "Atypical" ME/CFS
Defining subgroups may help clinicians identify and treat the complex, debilitating disease

Apr. 4 2017
MERS-like Coronavirus Identified in Ugandan Bat 
New virus not likely to spread to humans


Feb. 22 2017
Autism Risk Linked to Herpes Infection During Pregnancy
Women with signs of active genital herpes had twice the odds of giving birth to offspring with autism spectrum disorder.