Dec. 4 2015
Precision Medicine Technology Hailed as “World Changing Idea”
The CII's new diagnostics technology was featured as one of Scientific American's ten “World Changing Ideas” of 2015.


Sep. 22 2015
Diagnostics Breakthrough Brings Viral Sequencing to Doctors’ Toolkit
New Screening Tool Produces Up to 10,000-Fold Improvement in Viral Matches Compared With Traditional High-Throughput Methods.

Jun. 15 2015
Chili ME Challenge: Make This Summer Red Hot for Research!
Watch Mady Hornig and Ian Lipkin take the Chili ME Challenge!



Apr. 15 2015
Center for Infection and Immunity Signs Agreement with Bangladesh
The agreement furthers a series of international partnerships to undertake infectious disease surveillance and discovery.

Mar. 30 2015
Scientists Find Clues Into Cognitive Dysfunction in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Immune Markers in Cerebrospinal Fluid Provide Insights Into the Basis for Symptoms Like “Brain Fog”.

Mar. 25 2015
Autistic Children More Likely to Have GI Issues
Large Study Finds GI Symptoms Appear in Infancy and Persist Through Age 3


Feb. 27 2015
Scientists Discover Robust Evidence That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is a Biological Illness
Immune Signatures in Blood Point to Distinct Disease Stages, Open Door to Better Diagnosis and Treatment

Feb. 12 2015
CII to Train Saudi Scientists
CII-Saudi Program Combats MERS and Future Biological Threats


Feb. 12 2015
Student Team Wins USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge
A team of third-year students has developed a powdered additive for bleach solutions.