Oct. 10 2014
Rats of New York and the Diseases They Carry
Study Finds Dangerous Pathogens Lurk in the City’s Rat Population, New Animal Model for Hepatitis C


Aug. 03 2014
Ebola: How Worried Should We Be?
An op-ed by W. Ian Lipkin in the Wall Street Journal



May 22 2014
Wind Currents Behind Children's Heart Disease
Kawasaki disease in Japan linked to an environmental trigger in winds from agricultural regions in northeast China.


May 21 2014
Will MERS Become A Global Threat?
An op-ed by W. Ian Lipkin appears in CNN.


Apr. 29 2014
Live Virus Implicates Camels in MERS Outbreak
New, more definitive evidence is implicating camels in the ongoing outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.


Mar. 26 2014
Dr. W. Ian Lipkin Recipient of 2014 Mendel Medal
Dr. Lipkin was selected for the honor in recognition of his development of genetic methods for microbial surveillance and discovery.

Mar. 17 2014
The Resources Are Insufficient...To Do What the Community Deserves
Support the rigorous search for microbes that contribute to CFS.


Mar. 10 2014
CII's W. Ian Lipkin Receives NIH Grant to Establish New Center
An award of up to $31 million over a five-year period by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will establish the Center for Research in Diagnostics and Discovery.


Feb. 24 2014
Saudi Arabian Camels Carry MERS Virus
Countrywide Survey Finds Virus in Humans and Camels Match, Establishes That Direct Camel-to-Human Transmission Is Possible and Likely.