Nov. 07 2013
CII's W. Ian Lipkin gives Oxford University Simonyi Lecture
For this year’s Charles Simonyi Lecture Oxford Playhouse welcomes W. Ian Lipkin.

Oct. 10 2013
CII Guest Lecture - Nodding Syndrome: A Neurologic Mystery in Africa by James J. Sejvar, MD​
Nodding Syndrome is an unexplained neurologic illness, characterized by repeated spells of head bobbing.

Aug 28 2013
First Estimate of Total Viruses in Mammals
Minimum of 320,000 viruses; identifying them could help mitigate disease outbreaks; total cost less than a single pandemic.


Aug. 21 2013
MERS Virus Discovered in Bat Near Site of Outbreak in Saudi Arabia
First Study of MERS Animal Host in Saudi Arabia


Aug. 06 2013
CII Director Receives Rush Medical College Distinguished Alumni Award
Throughout his career, Dr. Lipkin has made his mark on the medical community around the world.


Jul. 09 2013
New Virus Discovered in Stranded Dolphin
Discovery Could Help Protect Dolphins, Other Animals, Humans

Jul. 01 2013
NYTimes: Solving a Viral Mystery
Experts Scramble to Trace the Emergence of MERS


Jul. 08 2013
Dr. W. Ian Lipkin Awarded Drexel Medicine Prize in Translational Medicine
Dr. Lipkin received the award at the 2013 International Symposium on Molecular Medicine and Infectious Disease.


May. 30 2013
CII on CNN: Newly discovered virus takes more lives, spreads
CII was recently featured on CNN to discuss the novel Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus.


May 28 2013
U.S.-Chinese Lab to Head H7N9 Outbreak and Future Threats
In an Historic Arrangement, Columbia University and the Chinese CDC Open Joint Pathogen Discovery Lab in Beijing


May 28 2013
NYTimes: New Tools to Hunt New Viruses
A new flu, H7N9, has killed 36 people since it was first found in China two months ago.


Apr. 22 2013
Hepatitis C-like Viruses Identified in Bats and Rodents
Discovery opens avenues to developing new treatments.


Apr. 03 2013
CII Distinguished Lecture Series (April 19, 2013): Anatomy of Viral Persistence
Michael B.A. Oldstone, M.D., The Scripps Research Institute, Professor, Immunology and Microbial Science

Feb. 12 2013
Folic Acid Supplements Early in Pregnancy May Reduce Risk of Autism by 40%
Large study in Norway finds early timing of supplements is critical

Jan. 04 2013
CII Scientist Wins “Autism Speaks” Grant
Dr. Brent Williams and the CII have been awarded a $450,000 grant from Autism Speaks.