Dec. 28 2011
A Message from CII Director W. Ian Lipkin Regarding the XMRV/MLV CFS/ME Study


Dec. 08 2011
CII Distinguished Lecture Series
Nipah Virus: Emergence & Epidemiology of a Dangerous Zoonotic Pathogen


Nov. 29 2011
CII Distinguished Lecture Series
Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome: New Approaches to Treatment and Pathogenesis


Nov. 02 2011
CII and Vietnamese Colleagues Partner to Track Disease Risk from the Illegal Wildlife Trade
Dr. Tracie Seimon spent two weeks in Vietnam as part of a PREDICT diagnostics training and sample testing effort.

Oct. 24 2011
CII Distinguished Lecture Series
Reverse-Engineering Biological Systems


Oct. 21 2011
First Ebola-Like Virus Native to Europe Discovered
New virus could be the first filovirus to cause disease in bats.


Oct. 19 2011
CII Distinguished Lecture Series
Systems Biology Approaches to Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity: Where are Google and IBM?


Sep. 30 2011
New Research Initiative at Center for Infection and Immunity to Investigate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
CII will lead a pathogen discovery effort for the new, multi-center Chronic Fatigue Initiative.


Sep. 29 2011
Penicillin: 83 Years Ago Today
Eighty-three years ago today, Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, one of the most widely used antibiotics.



Sep. 27 2011
CII — Responding to Emerging Threats: An Article for the One Health Newsletter
Earlier this year, principal investigators, project coordinators and technicians at CII were bustling around the lab.

Sep. 26 2011
CONTAGION Filmmakers, Scott Z. Burns and Steven Soderbergh Fellowship
Dr. W. Ian Lipkin has announced a new fellowship named in honor of screenwriter Scott Z. Burns and director Steven Soderbergh.

Sep. 16 2011
Children With Autism and Gastrointestinal Symptoms Have Altered Expression of Digestion Genes
These changes may also affect the mix of bacteria present in the digestive tract.

Aug. 27 2011
Prof. Ian Lipkin Brings Science to Hollywood's Contagion
Internationally-renowned “microbe hunter” worked closely with filmmakers to ensure accuracy of movie.


Jul. 19 2011
Dr. Lipkin and Carl Zimmer Discuss the Idea That Viruses May Manipulate Their Hosts