The bi-weekly BEST seminar series covers a wide array of topics including: cardiovascular and pulmonary disease research, health disparities, research methods, community-based research, clinical applications, grant-writing, and careers in public health.

Talks from previous years include:

  • “The Role of Biostatisticians in Randomized Controlled Trials,” Christine Mauro, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

  • “Can Trauma Be Heartbreaking? Posttraumatic Stress and Cardiovascular Risk in Women,” Jennifer Sumner, PhD, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine

  • “Precision Medicine Meets Cancer Immunotherapy: (New) Statistical Challenges in Dose-Finding Trials,” Cody Chiuzan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics


    “The role of mammographic breast density in breast cancer prevention and disparities,” Parisa Tehranifar, DrPH, Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Social Activities

BEST offers a host of opportunities for participants to mingle with graduate students and faculty and visit New York City landmarks. 

Past events have included:

  • Walks over the Brooklyn Bridge

  • Canvas Painting 
  • Broadway Shows 

  • Mets and Yankees Games

  • Picnics in Central Park

  • Pottery Painting