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LGBT Health

Sexuality and sexual identity have emerged as fundamental areas of inquiry, leading to improvements in the health of lesbian, gay, and transgendered populations in the US and around the world.

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Faculty in LGBT Health

Alwyn Cohall
Sociomedical Sciences, Population and Family Health, and Pediatrics at the Columbia University Medical Center
David Bell
Associate Professor
Population and Family Health and Pediatrics at the Columbia University Medical Center
Eric Schrimshaw
Associate Professor
Sociomedical Sciences at the Columbia University Medical Center
Judith Jones
Special Lecturer \ Professor Emeritia of Clinical
Population and Family Health
John Santelli
Population and Family Health and Pediatrics
Jennifer Hirsch
Sociomedical Sciences
Katherine Keyes
Associate Professor
Mark Hatzenbuehler
Associate Professor
Sociomedical Sciences
Patrick Wilson
Associate Professor
Sociomedical Sciences
Richard Parker
Special Research Scientist
Sociomedical Sciences
Rafael Perez-Figueroa
Assistant Professor
Population and Family Health and Pediatrics at Columbia University Medical Center
Morgan Philbin
Assistant Professor
Sociomedical Sciences
Etienne Meunier
Associate Research Scientist
Sociomedical Sciences

News & Features

On International Women's Day, many people will be supporting women's rights by joining A Day Without Women. Across America on March 8, women will be taking the day off from work, people of any gender will be wearing red and abstaining from shopping at large businesses that aren't owned by mi
In presidential election years—especially those as divisive as 2016—campaigns dominate the headlines. But look a little deeper, and readers can find public health issues making news everywhere.  [[{"fid":"88686","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_te
The fallout of discriminatory LGBTQ policies, like North Carolina's House Bill 2, is clear–numerous entertainment giants have pulled out the Old North State to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community, including entertainers Demi Lovato, Bruce Springsteen, and, most recently, the NBA. Du

Just Published

Martos, A.J., Wilson, P.A., & Meyer, I.H., (2017). Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health Services in the United States: Origins, Evolution, and Contemporary Landscape. PLoS ONE. View abstract

Siegel, K., Lekas, H.M., Onaga, M., Verni, R., & Gunn, H. (2017). The Strategies of Heterosexuals from Large Metropolitan Areas for Assessing the Risks of Exposure to HIV or Other Sexually Transmitted Infections from Partners Met Online. AIDS Patient Care STDS. View abstract.

Hatzenbuehler, M. (2017). The Influence of State Laws on the Mental Health of Sexual Minority Youth. JAMA Pediatrics. View abstract.

Hatzenbuehler, M., & Pachankis, J. (2016). Stigma and Minority Stress as Social Determinants of Health Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth. Pediatric Clinics Of North America. View abstract.  


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