Transmission 2015-2016

August 16, 2016: Social costs of the Flint lead crisis, age-friendly cities, cancer and obesity
July 12, 2016: Housing and health, tracking ticks, fighting AIDS on the world stage
June 15, 2016: Climate talks, superspreaders, biostatistics in Africa
May 18, 2016: Commencement 2016
May 10, 2016: Poverty and stress, pornography, Aedes aegypti
May 3, 2016: Class of 2016, urban design challenge, opioid policy
April 26, 2016: Hate laws, incarceration, student research
April 19, 2016: Lead cleanup, managing healthcare, precision public health​
April 13, 2016: Student impact, biostats books, nurses do public health
April 5, 2016: Student videos, climate and health, tilapia die-off
March 31, 2016: Crossing the digital divide, HIV demographics, cancer screening
March 22, 2016: Studying police violence, World TB day, DC Career Week
March 15, 2016: Water safety, preventing homelessness, older adult obesity
March 8, 2016: Pop song for public health, tampon tax, social media
March 1, 2016: Zika, healthcare on wheels, new scholarships
February 23, 2016: Black Panthers, building healthier cities, killer DNA
February 16, 2016: New EHS chair, vulnerable youth in Cambodia, practica guide
February 9, 2016: Butting heads with football, hookup apps, the malaria fight
February 2, 2016Zika outlook, new leadership in education, creative careers
January 26, 2016Flint and GM, Google Street View, Grand Rounds
January 19, 2016Cancer moonshoot, policy outlook 2016, IUD app
January 12, 2016Viral video game, children in 2016, antibiotic resistance
January 6, 2016What's ahead in 2016, wage gap and health, supercomputing
December 15, 2015Pop culture, flame retardant, birth control
December 8, 2015Persuasion, attacks on humanitarianism, student honors
December 1, 2015World AIDS Day, sustainable development, scheduling science
November 24, 2015Tryptophan, safe spaces, community schools
November 17, 2015Marijuana science, mental health, statistical guidance
November 10, 2015Young men and teen pregnancy, female drug users, disparities
November 4, 2015Menstruation myths, pesticide protections, urban health
October 27, 2015Feet on the ground, stress case, Wikipedia
October 20, 2015NYC's exceptional seniors, Syrian refugees, digital health
October 13, 2015Campus sexual health, child migrants, cell phones
October 6, 2015Beat bullying, change HIV prevention, get moving
September 29, 2015Small data, big goals
September 22, 2015Animals and health, childhood matters, new faculty
September 15, 2015Jay Walker, South Korea, child poverty
September 8, 2015Welcome back