Transmission 2014-2015

August 11, 2015: Obesity prevention, forecasting flu, health risks of incarceration
July 14, 2015: Decoding global aging, immigrant health, Medicaid expansion
June 16, 2015: Craig Spencer speaks, Medicare at 50, Tow Scholars debut
May 19, 2015: Commencement Edition
May 12, 2015: Scare tactics, toxic flooring ban, precision medicine meets population health
April 28, 2015Biostats 75th, student questions on climate, stopping obesity early
April 14, 2015: President Obama cites Mailman research, seasonal allergies, new leadership class
March 17, 2015: Setting limits on screen time, dangers of pregnancy weight gain, progress on ALS
March 3, 2015: Mailman goes to Washington, chronic fatigue, Irene Agyepong
February 17, 2015: Political beliefs and health, Ebola's fear factor, culture of entrepreneurship
February 3, 2015: Students confront police brutality, Valentine's Day secrets, measles myths
January 20, 2015: EHRs and privacy, scary world of superbugs, Public Voices Fellowship
January 6, 2015: GOP attack on the ACA, resurrecting William Farr, texting for flu prevention
December 9, 2014: Holiday health, public health and marketing, preventing painkiller abuse
November 25, 2014: High tech help for Ebola, Charles Kennedy, Mailman at APHA
November 11, 2014: Jack Geiger, public health financing, air pollution's long reach
October 28, 2014: Mailman faculty on Ebola, Baby Boomer health, complementary therapies and cancer
October 14, 2014: Gaming and healthy aging, rats of New York, shining a light on children in poverty
September 30, 2014: Urban food policies, Bruce Katz, No Plan B
September 16, 2014: Pitching to Mary Bassett, interrogating Ebola, regulations in a polluted city
September 2, 2014: Back to school, Alonzo Plough, bedtime study