Wasted Food, Climate Change and the Public's Health

Climate and Health Seminar Series
3:00 pm
4:30 pm
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P&S Conference Room, 630 West 168th St
Roni Neff, PhD
Roni Neff, Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Engineering, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Seminar Series
Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Open to the Public
Halving wasted food has been ranked among the most impactful solutions for mitigating climate change, and the audacious 50% target has been endorsed by the US government and included in the Sustainable Development Goals. Can we get there? And what are the co-benefits and tradeoffs for public health? Dr. Neff will provide an overview of food system contributions to climate change, the magnitude of food loss and waste, its key sources, and selected interventions, weaving in findings from my research on measurement, consumer behavior, and policy.


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