Sara Abiola: The Global Food, Alcohol, and Tobacco Index: Capturing Synergistic Public Policy Effects on Noncommunicable Diseases

Population and Family Health Seminar Series
11:30 am
1:00 pm
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B2 Conference Room
Sara Abiola, PhD, JD
Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management
Seminar Series
The Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health
Mailman School Students, Faculty and Staff
Reducing the burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) is critical to achieving economic and social development but lowering rates of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, and cancer presents a significant challenge for most countries. Prior analyses of public policy effects on NCDs have captured the benefit of single legal interventions but little is known about the potentially synergistic effect of multiple policies. We developed a composite measure of NCD prevention laws that characterizes national policy landscapes in relation to the three primary modifiable risk factors for NCDs. The Global Food, Alcohol, and Tobacco Index (“GFAT Index”) measures the extent to which countries have adopted evidence-based and potentially synergistic packages of laws that regulate food, alcohol, and tobacco consumption.


Margot Kotler