Between Compassion and Crackdown: Migrant Children in the United States

Columbia Population Research Center Seminar Series
11:45 am
12:45 pm
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Katharine M. Donato
Donald G. Herzberg Professor of International Migration & Director of the Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University
Seminar Series
Department of Sociomedical Sciences
Columbia Population Research Center
Open to the Columbia Community
Professor Donato will present preliminary findings from a new project designed to shift away from polarized narratives and build a middle ground about migrant children. She begins by describing the history of government policies and practices related to child migrant resettlement and illustrate how shifts in policies and practices have helped set the foundation for today's polarized narratives. She also describes the different groups of child migrants, how the US manages each, and what we know about their social and economic integration. Finally, Donato proposes several child-centered initiatives that may shift the contemporary narratives by integrating both compassion and security.


Taisha Lembert