Advanced Data Visualization Workshop

9:00 am
5:00 pm
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Alberto Cairo, PhD
Alberto Cairo, Knight Chair in Visual Journalism, Professor, School of Communication, University of Miami
Department of Sociomedical Sciences
Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion
Open to the Columbia Community
"Visualization is a powerful tool that depends on creativity and science. Its power lies in the ability to represent large amounts of information to a broad audience. Forming a narrative out of data can lead to invaluable insights. Our goal as designers is to make understanding complex information both easy and enjoyable for anyone." Dr. Alberto Cairo, data visualization expert, will teach a full day, interactive data visualization class for Mailman students, staff, faculty and NYC DOH professionals. The comprehensive workshop will include:

1. Introduction to visualization
2. Modern tools: an overview
3. Visualization for exploration
4. Visualization for communication
5. Principles on choosing graphic forms
6. Visual design for non-designers
7. Exercises and feedback


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