Yumiko Aratani

Yumiko Aratani

Yumiko Aratani

Assistant Professor
Health Policy and Management at the Columbia University Medical Center


215 W 125th street, 3rd floor/NCCP, New York, NY
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Yumiko Aratani, PhD, specializes in public policy research related to child poverty and mental health services. As the principal investigator of multiple federally funded projects, Dr. Aratani works closely with local and state governments to evaluate policies and interventions targeting low-income families with children and identify effective policies and programs that can positively affect child development and well-being. She is one of seven scholars in the Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Network, a recently funded effort of the Office of Planning Research and Evaluation within the Administration for Children and Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.



PhD, 2006, Columbia University
M Phil, 2000, Columbia University

Mailman Affiliations

Director, Health and Mental Health, National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP)

Columbia Affiliations

Areas of Expertise

Data Management, Longitudinal Studies, Research Design and Methods, Adolescent Health, Child Health and Development, Disparities / Inequalities in Health, Male Health, Minority Health, Social Factors in Health, Underserved Populations, Case Management, Welfare Programs, Maternal Health, Mental Health

Select Urban Health Activities

NYC Project LAUNCH: Project LAUNCH is a program funded by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that aims to promote the wellness of at-risk young children birth to age 8. Project LAUNCH uses a public health approach and focuses on improving the systems that serve young children. "The goal: for all children to reach physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive milestones. Project LAUNCH aims to have all young children reach their developmental potential, enter school ready to learn, and experience success in the early grades" Dr. Aratani has worked with the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as an evaluator for NYC Project LAUNCH.

Select Publications

Cooper, Janice and Yumiko Aratani. 2009. The Status of Policies to Support Evidence-based Practices in Children's Mental Health. Psychiatric Services. 60(December):1672-1675.
Aratani, Yumiko. 2010. Racial Differences, Housing Assistance, and Socioeconomic Attainment among Low-Income Families Social Science Research. 36(6): 1108-1125.
Wight, Vanessa, Michelle Chau, Kalyani Thampi and Yumiko Aratani. 2010. “Examining the Landscape of Child Poverty in the U.S. Today Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care. 40 (November): 10:263-266.
Aratani, Yumiko. 2011. Socio-demographic Variations of Homeowners and Differential Effects of Parental Home Ownership on Offspring's Housing Tenure Housing Studies: 26 (July):5: 723-746.
Aratani, Yumiko, Skinner, Curtis and Susan W. Schwarz. 2011. The Economic Impact of Adolescent Health Promotion Policies and Programs. Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews (AM:STARs): 022:361-380.
Aratani, Yumiko and Janice Cooper. 2012. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Continuation of Community-Based Children's Mental Health Services. The Journal of Behavioral Health Service and Research. 39, Issue 2: 116-129
Aratani, Yumiko and Cindy Liu. 2015. English Proficiency, Threshold Language Policy and Mental Health Service Utilization among Asian-American Children. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing. Available on-line, June 2015.
Aratani, Yumiko, Hsien-Hen Lu, and John Lawrence Aber. 2014. Shrinking the Public Safety Net or Helping the Poor Play by the Rules? The Changes in the State-Level Policies That Affect Low-Income Families with Children in the Welfare Reform Era: 1994-2002. American Journal of Evaluation. 35(2): p. 189-213
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