Tiffany Gary-Webb

Tiffany Gary-Webb

Tiffany Gary-Webb

Adjunct Associate Professor


722 W. 168th St., Rm 1510
New York NY 10032


Dr. Gary-Webb has experience in epidemiological research, clinical trial design and conduct, and medical claims data analysis, mostly in the disease area of diabetes. She has also gained experience in applied epidemiology as a post-doctoral fellow at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Gary-Webb has a particular dedication toward improving the health of ethnic minorities and focuses her professional work around issues of minority health and social/environmental determinants of chronic disease. For the past 10 years, she has conducted research using a combined clinic and community approach to improve diabetes preventive health care and reduce complications among urban African Americans with type 2 diabetes. She has developed a national reputation in this area as evidenced by her published, peer-reviewed work (70+) and presentations at national conferences. Most recently, her work has focused on understanding how social and environmental factors contribute to the etiology of racial/ethnic disparities in diabetes and obesity.



PhD, 2000, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
MS, 1998, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
BS, 1996, The Pennsylvania State University

Editorial Boards

Associate Editor, Progress in Community Health Partnerships
Editoral Board, Journal of Obesity

Other Affiliations

Areas of Expertise

Cardiovascular Disease, Community Programs and Outreach, Minority Health, Social / Cultural Issues, Social Epidemiology, Poverty

Select Publications

Gary TL, Batts-Turner M, Yeh HC, Hill-Briggs F, Bone LR, Wang NY, Levine DM, Powe NR, Saudek CD, Hill MN, McGuire M, Brancati FL. A randomized controlled trial of the effects of a nurse case manager and community health worker team on diabetic control, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations among urban African Americans with type 2 diabetes Archives of Internal Medicine 169 1788-94 2009
LaVeist TA, Thorpe RJ, Gallarraga JE, Bower KM, Gary-Webb TL Environmental and socio-economic factors as contributors to racial disparities in diabetes prevalence Journal of Internal Medicine 10 1144-8 2009
Casagrande SS, Whit-Glover MC, Lancaster KJ, Odoms-Young AM, Gary TL Built environment and health behaviors among African Americans: a systematic review American Journal of Preventive Medicine 36 174-81 2009
Dray-Spira R, Gary TL, Brancati FL Socioeconomic position and cardiovascular disease in adults with and without diabetes: United States trends, 1997-2005 Journal of General Internal Medicine 10 1634-41 2008
Beydoun MA, Gary TL, Caballero BH, Lawrence RS, Cheskin LJ, Wang Y Ethnic differences in dairy and related nutrient consumption among US adults and their association with obesity, central obesity, and the metabolic syndrome American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 87 1914-25 2008
Gary TL, Safford MM, Gerzoff RB, Ettner SL, Karter AJ, Beckles GL, Brown AF. Perception of neighborhood problems, health behaviors, and diabetes outcomes among adults with diabetes in managed care: the Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes (TRIAD) study Diabetes Care 31 273-8 2008
Kumanyika SK, Whitt-Glover MC, Gary TL, Prewitt TE, Odoms-Young AM, Banks-Wallace J, Beech BM, Halbert CH, Karanja N, Lancaster KJ, Samuel-Hodge CD. Expanding the obesity research paradigm to reach African American communities Preventing Chronic Disease 4 A112 2007
Papas MA, Alberg AJ, Ewing R, Helzlsouer KJ, Gary TL, Klassen AC The built environment and obesity Epidemilogy Reviews 29 129-43 2007
Baptiste-Roberts K, Gary TL, Beckles GL, Gregg EW, Owens M, Porterfield D, Engelgau MM Family history of diabetes, awareness of risk factors, and health behaviors among African Americans American Journal of Public Health 97 907-12 2007
Casagrande SS, Wang Y, Anderson C, Gary TL Have Americans increased their fruit and vegetable intake? The trends between 1988 and 2002 American Journal of Preventive Medicine 32 257-63 2007

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