Ralph Sabatino

Ralph Sabatino

Ralph Sabatino

Health Policy and Management




BA, 1967, St. John's University

Select Publications

Shelton RC, Hillyer GC, Hershman DL, Leoce N, Bovbjerg DH, Mandelblatt JS, Kushi LH, Lamerato L, Nathanson D, Ambrosone CB, Neugut AI. "Interpersonal Influences and Attitudes about Adjuvant Therapy Treatment Decisions among Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients: An Examination of Differences by Age and Race/Ethnicity in the BQUAL Study. " Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 137(3):817-828 2013
Shelton RC, Jandorf L, Thelemaque L, King S, Erwin D. "Sociocultural determinants of breast and cervical cancer screening adherence: An examination of variation among immigrant Hispanics by country of origin. " Journal of Healthcare for the Poor & Underserved 23(4):1768-1792 2012
Jandorf L, Ellison JL, Shelton RC, Thelemaque LD, Castillo AG, Mendez EI et al. "Esperanza y Vida: A Culturally and Linguistically Customized Breast and Cervical Education Program for Diverse Latinas at Three Different US Sites. " Journal of Health Communication. 17(2):160-76. 2012
Shelton RC, Jandorf L, King S, Thelemaque L, Erwin D. " Cervical cancer screening among immigrant Hispanics: An Analysis by country of origin. " Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 14(4):715-20 2012
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Shelton RC, Goldman R, Emmons KM, Sorensen G, Allen JD. "An Investigation into the Social Context of Low-income, Urban Black and Latina Women: Implications for Adherence to Recommended Health Behaviors. " Health Education & Behavior 38(5):471-81 2011
Shelton RC, Puleo E, Bennett GG, McNeill LH, Wolin KY, Emmons KM. "Social Factors and Physical Activity among Low- Income Adults living in Public Housing. " American Journal of Public Health 101(11):2102-10 2011
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