Robin Whyatt

Robin Whyatt

Robin Whyatt

Special Lecturer / Professor Emerita
Environmental Health Sciences


60 Haven Ave B-109
New York NY USA 10032


Robin M. Whyatt, DrPH, focuses her research on effects of environmental exposures during pregnancy and early childhood. This has included molecular epidemiologic research on prenatal exposures to ambient air pollution and cigarette smoking in Poland and prenatal and early-life exposures to pesticides and endocrine disruptors among African American and Dominican mothers and newborns from New York City. In her capacity as deputy director of the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health (CCCEH) and co-director of the Exposure and Biomarkers Core of the CCCEH, she is following the mothers and newborns in the CCCEH longitudinal birth cohort from pregnancy through ages 11 years to evaluate effects of non-persistent pesticides on birth outcomes and neurocognitive development and endocrine disruptors (phthalates and bisphenol A) on immune function, asthma etiology, and obesity. She currently serves as principal investigator on four NIH funded research grants, has collaborated extensively with the Centers for Disease Control on the validation of biomarkers of prenatal and early-life exposures, and served as principal investigator on research to validate the measurement of non-persistent pesticides and phthalates in postpartum meconium and other biologic samples. Additionally, Dr. Whyatt has published widely on research using biologic markers in studies of exposures during pregnancy and early childhood, served on a number of external peer review committees for the U.S.EPA, including a U.S. EPA workshop on issues associated with considering developmental changes in behavior and anatomy when assessing environmental exposures in children.



DrPH, 1995,
MPH, 1985,
BA, 1966, Earlham College

Mailman Affiliations

Co-Director of Exposure and Biomarkers Core

Other Affiliations

American Public Health Association
International Society for Exposure Analysis
International Society for Environmental Epidemiology

Areas of Expertise

Longitudinal Studies, Research Design and Methods, Child Health and Development, Chemical Hazards, Environmental Risk Factors, Gene-Environment Interactions, Global Health, Reproductive Health

Select Publications

Adibi,JJ., Whyatt,RM., Hauser,R., Bhat,HK., Davis,BJ., Calafat,AM., Hoepner,LA., Perera,FP., Tang.D., Williams,PL. In Revision Transcriptional Biomarkers of Steroidogenesis and Trophoblast Differentiation in the placenta in Relation to Prenatal Phthalate Exposure. Environmental Health Perspectives 2009
Whyatt, R.M., Adibi, J.J., Calafat, A.M., Camann, D.E., Rauh, V., Bhat, H.K., Perera, F.P., Andrews, H., Just, A.C., Plaza, B., Reyes, M., Hoepner, L., Tang, D., Hauser, R. Prenatal di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate exposure in relation to length of gestation among a cohort of inner-city mothers and their newborns. Pediatrics in press 2009
Whyatt,RM., Garfinkel,R., Hoepner,L., Andrews,H., Holmes,D., Williams,M., Reyes,A., Diaz,D., Perera,FP. A biomarker validation study of prenatal chlorpyrifos exposure within inner-city cohort during pregnancy. Environmental Health Perspectives 116 559-568 2009
Williams,MK., Rundle,A., Holmes,D., Reyes,A., Barr.,DM, Camann,DE., Perera,FP.,Whyatt,RM. Changes in pest infestation levels,self-reported pesticide use and permethirn exposure during pregnancy after 2000-01 U.S.EPA restriction of organophosphates. Environmental Health Perspective 116 1681-1688 2008
Adibi,JJ., Whyatt,RM., Williams,R., Nelson,H., Herrick,R., Bhat,HK., Calafat,AM., Camann,DE., Hauser,R. Characterization of phthalate exposure and variability in pregnant women using urinary metabolites and levels in personal and indoor air. Environmental Health Perspectives 116 467-473 2008
Whyatt,RM., Garfinkel,R., Hoepner,LA., Holmes,D., Borjas,M., Perera,FP., Camann,DE. Within and between home variability in indoor-air insecticide levels during pregnancy among an inner-city cohort from New York City. Environmental Health Perspectives 115 383-389 2007
Williams,MK., Barr,DB., Camann,DE., Cruz,LA., Carlton,EH., Borjas,M., Reyes,A., Evans,D., Kinney,P., Whitehead,RD., Matsoanne,S., Whyatt,RM. An intervention to reduce residential insecticide exposure during pregnancy among an inner-city cohort. Environmental Health Perspectives 114 1684-1689 2006
Rauh,V., Garfinkel,R., Perera,FP. ,Andrews,H., Barr,D., Whitehead,D., Tang,D., Whyatt,RM. Impact of prenatal chlorpyrifos exposure on neurodevelopment in the first three years of life among inner-city children. Pediatrics 118 1845-1859 2006
Whyatt,RM., Camann,D., Perera,FP., Rauh,VA., Tang,D., Kinney,PL., Garkinkel,R., Andrews,H., Hoepner,L., Barr,DB. Biomarkers in assessing residential insecticide exposure during pregnancy and effects on fetal growth. Toxicol Applied Pharmacol 206 246-54 2005
Bradman,A.,Whyatt,RM. Characterizing exposures to nonpersistent pesticides during pregnancy and early childhood in the National Children's Study: A review of monitoring and measurement methodologies. Environmental Health Perspectives 113 1092-9 2005

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