Michael Gusmano

Michael Gusmano

Michael Gusmano

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Health Policy and Management


21 Malcolm Gordon Road
Garrison NY USA 10524
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Dr. Gusmano's research interests include politics of health care reform, comparative health systems, aging, health and health care inequalities, and normative theories of policy analysis. In addition to his appointment at the Hastings Center, Dr. Gusmano holds adjunct appointments at Columbia University and Yale University. His the co-editor and co-author of, Making Difficult Decisions with Patients and Families ?Tools for the Singapore Healthcare Professional in 2014. His previous book, Health Care in World Cities (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010), documents the implications of national and local health care policies for access to care in New York, London and Paris. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Maryland at College Park and a Masters in public policy from the State University of New York at Albany. He was also post-doctoral fellow in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholars in Health Policy program at Yale University (1995-1997). Dr. Gusmano is the president of the Aging and Politics Group and past-president of the Organized Section of Health Politics and Policy of the American Political Science Association's Organized Section on Health Politics and Policy. He serves on the editorial boards for the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, Health Economics Policy and Law, and The Hastings Center Report.


PhD, 1995, University of Maryland
MA, 1994, University of Maryland
MA, 1990, SUNY Albany, NY
BA, 1988, SUNY Albany, NY

Editorial Boards

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Health Economics Policy and Law
The Hastings Center Report

Other Affiliations

Co-Director, World Cities Project, International Longevity Center

Honors & Awards

Hope Award for Advocacy, RESOLVE: The Infertility Association, 2014 (awarded to the Hastings Center and Yale School of Medicine for the project on Fertility Treatment and Multiple Births by Josephine Johnston, Michael K. Gusmano and Pasquale Patrizio)
The Lauterstein Scholarship, 2004-2007
Calderone Junior Faculty Research Award, 2004-2005
RWJ Health Policy Scholars Fellowship, 1995-1997
Conley H. Dillon Memorial Dissertation Award, University of Maryland, 1994

Select Urban Health Activities

World Cities Project: The World Cities Project (WCP) compares health and social services, health and the quality of life for persons aged 65 and over in four "world cities": New York City, London, Paris and Tokyo. These cities are important locations in the global economy and all four have been deeply affected by declining birth rates and a rise in the share of older persons. As urbanization and population aging increases throughout the world, we need models of how to accommodate these population shifts as well as analyses of best practices. WCP introduces a spatial perspective to more conventional economic and demographic analyses of population aging. It compares cities that share common characteristics and problems and therefore provide notable advantages for cross-national learning. The focus on inter-city as well as intra-city comparisons represents a distinctive approach to social science research in the field of aging, and more broadly, social policy.
Access to Care for Undocumented Patients: This project explores the ethical, legal and policy making challenges in access to health care for the nation's undocumented immigrants and their families.

Select Global Activities

Making Difficult Decisions with Patients and Families ?Tools for the Singapore Healthcare Professional, Singapore: This project is a collaboration with the National University of Singapore, the Hastings Center and the ETHOX Centre at Oxford University. We published an online casebook designed to help clinicians in Singapore address ethical challenges that arise when making difficult decisions with patients and families in January 2014. Our team is currently working on a second edition of the casebook focused on care transitions.
BRIC City Health Project: The BRIC City Health Project is a comparative research program on the megacities of emerging nations whose impact on the global economy is growing due to their large populations and rapid economic growth – Brazil, the Russian Federation, India and China (BRIC). The first article from this project, "Shanghai rising: health improvements as measured by avoidable mortality since 2000," was published in the International Journal of Health Policy and Management (www.ijhpm.com/pdf_2935_3710a292d9fe849132372c2a8c851705.html).

Select Publications

Michael K. Gusmano "Health Systems Performance and the Politics of Cancer Survival," World Medical and Policy Journal March 2013
Michael K. Gusmano, Victor G. Rodwin and Daniel Weisz Health Care in World Cities: New York, London and Paris Johns Hopkins University Press Baltimore, MD 2010
Colleen M. Grogan and Michael K. Gusmano Healthy Voices, Unhealthy Silence: Advocating for Poor Peoples' Health Georgetown University Press Washtington, DC 2007
Gray BH, Gusmano MK, Collins S AHCPR and the politics of health services research Health Affairs June 2003
Chau, P.H., J. Woo, M.K. Gusmano, D. Weisz and V.G. Rodwin Access to Primary Care in Hong Kong, Greater London and New York City. Health Economics Policy and Law 8 95-109 2013
Gusmano MK, Fairbrother G, Park H Exploring the limits of the safety-net: community health centers and care for the uninsured Health Affairs 21 188-194 2002
Victor G. Rodwin and Michael K. Gusmano, editors Growing Older in World Cities: New York, London, Paris and Tokyo Vanderbilt University Press Nashville, TN 2006
Gusmano, Michael K. End of Life Care for Patients with Dementia in the United States: Institutional Realities. Health Economics Policy and Law 7 485-498 2012
Gusmano, Michael K. and Sara Allin Health Care for Older Persons in England and the US: A Contrast of Systems and Values. Journal of Health, Politics, Policy and Law 36 89-118. 2011
Rodwin VG, Gusmano MK World Cities Project: rationale and design for comparison of megacity health systems Journal of Urban Health 79 445-463 2002
Michael K. Gusmano "Health Systems Performance and the Politics of Cancer Survival," World Medical and Policy Journal March 2013

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