Juliet Morrison

Juliet Morrison

Juliet Morrison


722 W 168th St 17th Floor
New York NY 10032


Dr. Juliet Morrison specializes in combining computational analysis with immunological and virological methods to address questions at the host-pathogen interface. She leads collaborative influenza research projects under a large NIH subcontract while conducting systems-level research pertaining to emerging and re-emerging pathogens. She has spent the last 14 years studying innate immune responses to viral pathogens such as dengue virus, rhinovirus, polio virus, yellow fever virus and influenza virus. In recent projects, Dr. Morrison has employed tissue deconvolution algorithms and immunological tools to study the dynamics of lung immune cell populations in influenza virus infections, and spleen and liver immune cell populations in dengue virus infections. By blending computational and experimental methods, she was able to identify a novel macrophage population that may play a role in influenza recovery. She is now working to understand how this population impacts influenza outcomes, and how its functions are regulated. Dr. Morrison's research is designed to be rapidly translated into host-targeted influenza virus and flavivirus therapeutics.

Mailman Affiliations

Associate Research Scientist, Center for Infection and Immunity

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