Harriet Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha

Harriet Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha

Harriet Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha

Associate Research Scientist


Mbabane Swaziland
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Dr. Harriet Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha is an Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and an Instructor in the Department of Epidemiology. She is a medical doctor with a PhD in Epidemiology and years of experience in HIV programs and research spanning multiple African countries and Europe. Dr. Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha is currently the Research Director at ICAP in Swaziland where she manages USG-funded Implementation Science studies and the Health Research Training Program.


PhD, 2005, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
MD, 1999, Makerere University Medical School, Kampala, Uganda

Academic Appointments

Instructor, Epidemiology

Select Publications

Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Jakubowski A, Mugisha V, Basinga P, Asiimwe A, Nash D and Elul B. Low risk of attrition among adults on antiretroviral therapy in the Rwandan national program: a retrospective cohort analysis of 6, 12, and 18 month outcomes. BMC Public Health 2014, 14:889 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-14-889
Lamb MR, Fayorsey R, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Viola V, Mutabazi V, Alwar T, Casalini C, Elul B: High attrition before and after ART initiation among youth (15-24 years of age) enrolled in HIV care. Aids 2014, 28(4):559-568.
Lahuerta M, Wu Y, Hoffman S, Elul B, Kulkarni SG, Remien RH, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, El-Sadr W, Nash D, Multi-level determinants of late ARTiis-SATa et al: Advanced HIV disease at entry into HIV care and initiation of antiretroviral therapy during 2006-2011: findings from four sub-saharan African countries. Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America 2014, 58(3):432-441.
Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Kilama B, Antelman G, Khatib A, Almeida A, Reidy W, Ramadhani G, Lamb MR, Mbatia R, Abrams EJ et al: Reviewing progress: 7 year trends in characteristics of adults and children enrolled at HIV care and treatment clinics in the United Republic of Tanzania. BMC public health 2013, 13:1016.
Kidder DP, Bachanas P, Medley A, Pals S, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Ackers M, Howard A, Deluca N, Mbatia R, Sheriff M et al: HIV prevention in care and treatment settings: baseline risk behaviors among HIV patients in Kenya, Namibia, and Tanzania. PloS one 2013, 8(2):e57215.
Elul B, Basinga P, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Saito S, Horowitz D, Nash D, Mugabo J, Mugisha V, Rugigana E, Nkunda R et al: High levels of adherence and viral suppression in a nationally representative sample of HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy for 6, 12 and 18 months in Rwanda. PloS one 2013, 8(1):e53586.
Bachanas P, Medley A, Pals S, Kidder D, Antelman G, Benech I, DeLuca N, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Muhenje O, Cherutich P et al: Disclosure, knowledge of partner status, and condom use among HIV-positive patients attending clinical care in Tanzania, Kenya, and Namibia. AIDS patient care and STDs 2013, 27(7):425-435.
Porter LE, Bouey PD, Curtis S, Hochgesang M, Idele P, Jefferson B, Lemma W, Myrick R, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Prybylski D et al: Beyond indicators: advances in global HIV monitoring and evaluation during the PEPFAR era. Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes 2012, 60 Suppl 3:S120-126.
Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Mayon-White RT, Okong P, Brocklehurst P, Carpenter LM: The impact of HIV on maternal morbidity in the Pre-HAART era in Uganda. Journal of pregnancy 2012, 2012:508657.
Lahuerta M, Lima J, Elul B, Okamura M, Alvim MF, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Horowitz D, Fernandes R, Assan A, Abrams EJ et al: Patients enrolled in HIV care in Mozambique: baseline characteristics and follow-up outcomes. Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes 2011, 58(3):e75-86.

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