Gerard Bodeker

Gerard Bodeker

Gerard Bodeker

Adjunct Professor


Oxford Project Southeast Asia, 5-17-4 The Corinthian, 5 Jalan Binjai,
Ampang KL Malaysia 50450
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Dr. Gerry Bodeker researches and advises on international public policy on traditional (indigenous), complementary & alternative medicine and wellness. An Australian, whose doctoral studies were at Harvard, he has held research and teaching appointments in the Division of Medical Sciences at Oxford University for two decades. Dr. Bodeker has been chair of the Commonwealth Working Group on Traditional & Complementary Medicine and done work on medicinal plant conservation for the World Bank, the Global Environment Facility, UNU, and the UN Food & Agriculture Organization. He is co-founder of the WHO-affiliated Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalarial Methods (RITAM). He has written extensively on traditional medicine and is editor-in-chief of the WHO Global Atlas on Traditional and Complementary Medicine and serves on the editorial boards of several journals. He has authored chapters in the Encyclopedia of Public Health (Elsevier 2008, 2017) on "The health of indigenous peoples" and on "Integrative medicine". Research includes: refugee use of traditional medicine at Thai-Burma border; traditional medicine in management of HIV-related illness in Africa and India; researching skin disease; intellectual property and traditional medicine; working with colleagues at the UN University and Stanford on Asian dietary traditions in preventing non-communicable diseases; cultural traditions of wellness in Asia and the Islamic world. He is a Fellow of the International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry.


EdD, 1989, Harvard University
MA, 1986, Harvard University
MSc, 1974, University of Western Australia
BSc, 1972, University of Western Australia

Editorial Boards

J. Altern & Complem Med
J. Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine
Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

Columbia Affiliations

Scientific Advisory Board Member, Rosenthal Center for Study of Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Honors & Awards

Fellow, International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry
Hakim Ajmal Khan Award for Services to Ayurveda & Unani

Select Global Activities

Editor, WHO Global Atlas on Traditional and Complementary Medicine: Dr. Bodeker served as editor for the WHO public health atlas on sectoral development and public use of traditional and complementary medicine globally.
Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalarial Methods (RITAM): Dr. Bodeker is co-founder of an international network of natural products researchers studying plant-based antimalarials. This work resulted in the book, Traditional Medicinal Plants & Malaria by Willcox M., Bodeker G., and Rasoanaivo P.
Senior Advisor, Regional Centers of Excellence (RCE) Program, UN University, Tokyo, Japan: Dr. Bodeker is working with the UN University's RCE program and their Global Health Institute on Asian dietary traditions in the prevention and management of NCDs.

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