Golareh Agha

Golareh Agha

Golareh Agha

Associate Research Scientist
Columbia Aging Center


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Active areas of research 1) Maternal/Early life exposures and epigenetic changes 2) Epigenetic biomarkers of obesity and incident coronary heart disease 3) Integration of genetic, epigenetic, and gene expression data for high-dimensional analyses. 4) Socio-cultural, behavioral, and biological trajectories of risk in cognitive aging



PhD, 2014, Brown University
MSc, 2009, McGill University
BSc, 2006, University of Toronto

Academic Appointments

Postdoctoral Fellow, Environmental Health Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Big Data, Bioinformatics, Longitudinal Studies, Survival Analysis, Cardiovascular Disease, Social Epidemiology, Molecular Epidemiology

Select Publications

Agha G, Hajj H, Rifas-Shiman SL, Just AC, Hivert MF, Burris HH, Lin X, Litonjua AA, Oken E, DeMeo DL, Gillman MW, Baccarelli AA. Birth weight-for-gestational Age is Associated with DNA Methylation at Birth and in Childhood. Clinical Epigenetics 2016; 8:118. PMCID: PMC5112715
Agha G, Houseman EA, Kelsey KT, Eaton CB, Buka SL, Loucks EB. Adiposity is Associated with DNA Methylation Profile in Adipose Tissue. International Journal of Epidemiology 2015; 44(4):1277-87. PMCID: PMC4588857
Zhong J*, Agha G*, Baccarelli AA. The Role of DNA Methylation in Cardiovascular Risk and Disease: Methodological Aspects, Study Design, and Data Analysis for Epidemiological Studies. Circulation Research 2016; 118(1):119-31. PMCID: PMC4743554
Agha G, Loucks EB, Tinker LF, Waring ME, Michaud DS, Foraker RE, Li W, Greenland P, Martin LW, Manson JE, Eaton CB. Healthy Lifestyle and Decreasing Risk of Heart Failure in Women: the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2014; 64(17):1777-85. PMCID: PMC4254927
Agha G, Murabito JM, Lynch JW, Abrahamowicz M, Harper SB, Loucks EB. Relation of Socioeconomic Position with Ankle-brachial Index. American Journal of Cardiology 2011; 108(11):1651-7. PMCID: PMC3575172

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