2015 Faculty in the News

Below are some example of topics and 2015 publications where our faculty members have been cited for their research findings and expert commentary.


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9 Things Your Brain Fog Is Telling You
July 31
Study Finds PTSD-Heart Risk Link Stronger in Women 
July 22
Obesity Season: Kids' Health Habits Take Summer Break 
July 16

July 14



Obamacare Subsidies Stay, To Relief Of Consumers, Insurers, Other Businesses
June 25
DDT Pesticide Exposure Linked to Breast Cancer
June 21 
Scientists Say Global Warming Doesn't Decrease Winter Mortality Rate
June 20
Insurers Playing a Game of Thrones
June 16
People Are Finally Talking About The Thing Nobody Wants To Talk About
June 16
What's in the Air As You Cycle City Streets?
June 11
How the Health Community Is Responding to MERS
June 9


16 Oh-So Good Reasons To Have Sex
May 28
New Mothers Get A New Kind Of Care In Rural Nigeria
May 26
Pollution Exposure Can Impact Brain Development in Utero, Study Finds
May 20
6 Ways to Make New York City Parks Safer
May 1


The long, painful and repetitive history of how Baltimore became Baltimore
April 29
Today is 4/20/2015. Is it finally time to stop calling marijuana a gateway drug?
April 29
A scientific look at the damage parents do when they bully their gay kids
April 14
Brooklyn tot has high levels of toxic lead while NYCHA denies paint is a problem
April 13




Vitamin D Deficiency: Weather Can Do More than Affect Your Mood; It Can Affect Your Body
March 24
Why NYC Wants to Put Old People to Work
March 20
Unhealthy Pregnancy Weight Gain and Child Obesity
March 19
Invest in American Science
March 11
Colleges Need to Think Bigger to End Campus Rape
March 11
How Incarceration Infects a Community
March 6
Sleeping Habits Among Teens Stuck on Unhealthy Plateaus, Study Finds
March 4
A Biological Basis for Chronic-Fatigue Syndrome
March 3 



New Evidence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’s Biological Roots
February 28


Bespoke HealthCare: Precision Medicine Won't Work Without Precision Questions
February 26
Study That Paid Patients to Take H.I.V. Drugs Fails
February 25
The Dangerous Silence of Academic Researcher
February 23
Eye-opener: U.S. Teens Getting Less and Less Sleep, Study Shows
February 16
Arsenic Traces in Rice Cause Health Worries
February 4
Vaccines and Herd Immunity, an Explainer
February 2



New Healthy Initiative Is Designed for Latinas with Breast Cancer
January 29
Fit Kids February: Understanding Today's Health Challenges
January 28
Five Ways to Control the Aging Process
January 21
AAA invests $12 Million in Study of Older Drivers' Needs
January 20
Prediction: All Predictions About Ebola Are Unpredictable
January 15