2014 Faculty in the News

Below are some example of topics and 2014 publications where our faculty members have been cited for their research findings and expert commentary.



This Year, I Resolve to Ban Laptops From My Classroom
December 30
Fox-News-Logo.jpgRestoring Diplomatic Relations With Cuba: What it Means for American Medicine
December 2
DailyNews.jpgMold-Ridden NYC Housing Authority Buildings Could Trigger Long-term Asthma Problems
December 15
NBCnews.pngChemical Phthalates in Food Packaging Linked With Lower IQ in Kids
December 10
Predicting the Flu So You Can Avoid It
December 10



Scientific_American.jpgChildren's Attention Deficit Linked to Air Pollution
November 5

From Blue Bleach To Hazmat Hacks, Students Take On Ebola Challenges
November 5

Why Meditation and Yoga Are Recommended for Breast Cancer
November 4
DailyNews.jpgNYC's Famed Bellevue Hospital Put to the Test with Ebola Patient
November 2




AIDS and Ebola: Drawing Parallels Between Epidemics
October 28
NewYorker.jpgDept. of Solutions: All Hands on Deck
October 27
NBCnews.pngDr. Abdul El-Sayed on Ebola
October 24
Bloomberg_0.pngEbola in New York City: How Worried Should You Be?
October 24
NewYorkTimes.jpgEnterovirus 68: What You Need to Know
October 2




Tourists Urged to Avoid Ebola Zone in West Africa
September 25
Huffington_Post.jpgMeasuring the Later Years in Life Differently — for the Benefit of All
September 22

Phthalates During Pregnancy Linked To 70% Increased Asthma Risk
September 17

Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield
September 16
NewYorkTimes.jpgU.S. Scientists See Long Fight Against Ebola
September 13




West Africa's Ebola Epidemic Spreads
August 18

How Can We Age Productively?
August 11

WNYC.jpgHow to Create and Control the Ebola Outbreak
August 8

Stress on Civilian Front Tied to Alcohol Abuse in Returning Soldiers
August 7


Ebola: How Worried Should We Be?
August 4

NBCnews.pngEpidemiologist on The Ebola Virus
August 7



The Reason There’s Not an Ebola Vaccine
July 30
NationalGeographic.pngQ & A: Ebola Spreads in Africa—and Likely Will Spread Beyond
July 28
Young Men Want Intimacy Too
July 16
WSJ.jpgYMCA of Greater New York Gets $1.5 Million Gift From John W. Rowe
July 11
Science.jpgEnd of AIDS: Hype Versus Hope
July 10
WSJ.jpgThe Future of Retirement
July 07



Veterans Affairs Needs to Get a Clue About PTSD Treatment
June 27
Huffington_Post.jpgThe Ruling on Soda Servings and Its Implications for Public Health
June 27
NationalGeographic.pngQ and A with Ian Lipkin: What's Behind the Worst-Ever Ebola Outbreak in West Africa?
June 27
Boston-Globe.jpgAging Isn't the Challenge, Building an Equitable Society Is
June 22
'Fault in Our Stars' Hides American Truth
June 13
Making Aging Positive
June 1



Stress Degreades Sperm and Fertility
May 29
Public Health Researchers Work With Families to Avoid Unnecessary ER Trips
May 27
NationalGeographic.pngWhy a MERS Virus Won’t be Easy
May 23
How are Health Officials Detecting MERS?
May 14
The Longer Parents Smoke, the More Likely Their Kids Will Too
May 13
LiveScience.jpgWhy Climate Change is a U.S. Children’s Health Issue
May 9




New Gene Map of Deadly Bird Flu Points to Pandemic Concerns
April 10
AP.jpgStudy: Asthma has $1.3B impact on New York
April 4
Global Air Pollution on the Rise
April 2
NBCnews.pngChemical Phthalates in Food Packaging Linked With Lower IQ in Kids
December 10
Huffington_Post.jpgA Tale of Two Air Quality Programs: China vs. the U.S.
April 2




Investing in the Science of Public Health
March 24
PBS_0.jpgMeasles outbreak sparks fear of resurgent diseases
March 15
NationalGeographic.pngWhy the Cancer Cluster Cases in Fukushima Aren't Related to the Nuclear Disaster
March 13
NewYorkTimes.jpgThe Science of Older and Wiser
March 12
NewYorkTimes.jpgInjections Providing Protection Against AIDS in Monkeys, Studies Find
March 5
WSJ.jpgIs It Worth Enforcing a Shoe-Free Home?
March 3
NewYorkTimes.jpgIf Obesity Is a Disease, Then What?
March 3




Study supports claims of Agent Orange exposure after Vietnam War
February 26
NBCnews.pngCamels May Be Source of Mystery MERS Virus in Middle East,
February 25
Anti-gay communities linked to shorter lives: study
February 24
DailyNews.jpgHealthy Interest
February 19
Huffington_Post.jpgPublic Health Advocates Find Flame Retardant Fight Follows Familiar Formula
February 7
Fatal Car Crashes Involving Pot Use Have Tripled in U.S., Study Finds
February 4



Initiative Increases Focus on the Health of Boys
January 22
Real Time Data Could Soon Provide Flu Forecast
January 13
NBCnews.pngMold, Mice and Zip Codes: Inside the Childhood Asthma Epidemic
January 3