2013 Faculty in the News

Below are some examples of topics and 2013 publications where our faculty members have been cited for their research findings and expert commentary.




Michael Bloomberg’s 12 Years at the Helm of NYC Come to an End
December 31
Chicago Tribune.jpgAre E-cigs a Tobacco Problem or Part of the Solution?
December 19
Women and Drinking: Time to Talk Risks
December 8
Common Chemicals Are Affecting Our Babies Brains
December 3
SALON.pngPredicting the Flu So You Can Avoid It
December 10
Will You Get the Flu? This Real-Time Flu Forecaster Could Tell You
December 3


Yahoo Health.jpgPTSD Might Lead to Sizable Weight Gain in Women
November 20

Keeping Track of Youngsters Can Keep Them from Gambling
November 19

Offer Women IUDs, Hormone Shots After Abortions
November 15
Huffington_Post.jpgGum Disease Linked with Atherosclerosis Progression
November 4



U.S. wildfire smoke poses health hazards to distant communities: report
October 25
USnews.pngCounseling With HIV Testing May Not Help Prevent Future STDs
October 22
WNYC.jpgPlease Explain: Food Poisoning
October 11
TheWeatherChannel.jpgPregnant Women Should Avoid Exposure to Air Pollution
October 7
NPR.jpgPainkiller Overdose Deaths Strike New York City's Middle Class
October 16
The Pill's link to depression still unclear
October 1




Drugged Drivers Have Increased Risk of Automobile Crashes
September 27
WNYC.jpgChart: Biggest threat to schoolchildren? Cars
September 10

Teen birth rate hits historic low, federal report says
September 6

NewYorkTimes.jpgA catalog for all the world’s viruses?
September 5
PBS_0.jpgAge Friendly New York City helps seniors stay active in the Big Apple
September 4




Soda may make children more likely to destroy things, attack others
August 16

Obesity’s death toll could be higher than believed, study says
August 15

Economist_0.jpgLessons from Tennessee
August 13

Adults whose moms were obese may die sooner, study says
August 13, 2013



5 Must-do's as Age Wave Bears Down on the USA
July 30
BuisnessWeek.jpgObamacare Could Shrink Jobs and Why That Might Be OK
July 26
Huffington_Post.jpgChallenging Punishment: What the California Prisoners' Hunger Strike Tells Us About Mass Incarceration
July 17, 2013
PBS_0.jpgThe Real Reason Behind Public Smoking Bans
July 8
NewYorkTimes.jpgSolving a Viral Mystery
July 2



Learning to Spot Frailty
June 21
NewYorkTimes.jpgStudy Shows Pill Prevents HIV Among Drug Addicts
June 13
Soda Ban Would Target Heavy Youth, Not Poor
June 12
Huffington_Post.jpgWartime PTSD: What Works and How to Care for a Loved One
June 11



The Reality of TV and Your Health
May 29
Climate Change Will Mean More Heat Deaths
May 21
NewYorkTimes.jpgFlu in Pregnancy Is Linked to Bipolar Disorder
May 15
TheExaminer_com.jpgExercise May Keep Female Teenagers from Violent Behavior
May 8
Scientific_American.jpgHow the CIA’s Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All
May 2





Obesity Linked to Prostate Cancer, Study Finds
April 23
Why It Took Decades of Blaming Parents Before We Banned Lead Paint
April 22
NationalGeographic.pngHoly Virus Treasure Trove, Batman!
April 22
Doctor: ‘In the Chaos We Saw Heroism’ in Boston
April 16
TheTimesTribune.jpgAging Expert: Longer Lives Present Opportunities, Challenges
April 12
PRIs_the_World.jpgLatino Neighborhoods: Improving Health Through Ethnic Pride?
April 3




Feeding Babies Too Early
March 27
Huffington_Post.jpg50 Women Who Shaped America's Health
March 18
Forbes.jpgHow to Give Difficult Feedback
March 11
Despite Obesity Rise, U.S. Calories Trending Downward
March 6
Bloomberg_0.pngNurses Spar with Doctors as 30 Million Insured Seek Care
March 4
CBSmorning.pngBPA Linked to Increased Asthma Risk
March 2




Is the Pope Frail?
February 27
BBC.jpgThe Drowning City
February 19
Closeness in a Relationship: Is it Overrated?
February 14
NPR.jpgFolic Acid for Pregnant Mothers Cuts Kids Autism Risk
February 12
NewYorkTimes.jpgRise In Drug Overdose Deaths
February 12
LATimes.jpgA Delicate New Balancing Act in Senior Healthcare
February 9
PBS_0.jpgAir Pollution Boosts a Child's Chance of Getting Cockroach-Related Asthma
February 6




The Best Performing CEOs in the World
January-February 2013
NewYorkTimes.jpgThe Preppers Next Door
January 27
Huffington_Post.jpgIs the Tide Turning on Childhood Obesity?
January 11
CBSmorning.pngFlu Forecasters Help Predict How to Best Combat the Virus
January 7