2012 Faculty in the News

Below are some examples of topics and 2012 publications where our faculty members have been cited for their research findings and expert commentary.




Need to Know | Interview: Dr. Michael Sparer
December 28
CBSmorning.pngConn. school shooting: How to discuss it with your kids
December 15
ABCNews.jpgLeBron James' Sprite Ads Could Sell Billion Spoonfuls of Sugar
December 13
WashingtonPost.jpgFrailty is a medical condition, not an inevitable result of aging
December 10
Are Women Being Targeted in Syria?
December 10
newEnglandJournal_0.jpgRepackaging Cigarettes — Will the Courts Thwart the FDA?
December 6
YahooFInance.png"Disappointingly Weak" Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure
December 6




USnews.pngFlu Forecasting Model Can Predict Spikes in Cases Up to Seven Weeks in Advance
November 29

Consumer Reports Sounds Alarm on Pork Safety
November 27

FEMA Approves $8.2 Million for Post-Sandy Mental-Health Outreach
November 19
PBS_0.jpgPBS Nova Series: Secret Life of Scientists: Ian Lipkin Featured
November 8
Scientific_American.jpgSuperstorm Sandy May Have Long-Term Public Health Impacts
November 7
NewYorkTimes.jpgEasing the Trauma After the Storm
November 2
Learning from Sandy hospital evacuations
November 1





Post-Sandy sewage raises water safety fears
October 31
NewYorkTimes.jpgA Weak Spot in H.I.V.’s Armor Raises Hope for a Vaccine
October 30
NewYorkTimes.jpgWhen Tragedy Strikes, Come Together
October 30
USnews.pngHumanitarian Work May Raise Risk of Anxiety, Depression
October 5
DailyNews.jpgColumbia doctor studying link between co-pays and cancer treatment
October 3
NPR.jpgFight Erupts Over October 3 'Plan B' Access In New York Schools
October 1





Chicago Tribune.jpg

New triggers found for weight gain: Researchers focus on air pollution, sleep deprivation
September 30
TheVillageVoice.jpgStopping the Next Plague: Hunting for viruses with Columbia's Simon Anthony
September 26

Smoking Decline Stalls Despite City Efforts
September 20

Business travel takes toll on workers' health
September 8
TimesHigher.jpgUS changes dose to treat public health malaise
September 6
NewYorkTimes.jpgLunch Trays Got Too Lean in City's Fight Against Fat
September 4



Real-life "Contagion" Uses DNA to Halt Outbreak
August 22

Common Insecticide May Harm Boys' Brains More Than Girls
August 21

Economist_0.jpgStill Cloudy - The Long, Painful Effort to Compensate Victims of the Terrorist Attacks
August 9



A Bird Flu Spreads in Seals. Could Humans Be Next?
July 30
CBSnews.pngJapanese Women Fall to No. 2 in Life Expectancy
July 27
PBS_0.jpgIn Washington, a Focus on Testing and Fighting Stigma in the Fight Against HIV
July 19
WNYC.jpgUnafraid of Aging
July 16
The Ultimate Assault: Charting Syria's Use of Rape to Terrorize Its People
July 11
AIDS In Black America: A Public Health Crisis
July 5




The Supreme Court healthcare reform ruling: panel verdict
June 28
NewYorkTimes.jpgUnafraid of Aging
June 25
Radiolab.jpgThe Most Horrible Seaside Vacation
June 18
Slate.pngThe Fertility Paradox
June 13
Economist_0.jpgStill Cloudy - The Long, Painful Effort to Compensate Victims of the Terrorist Attacks
June 9
Prisoners Using Antibiotic Ointment as Hair Gel--Why That's Worrisome
June 7




High Levels of Naphthalene Can Hurt Genes
May 30
Salon.jpgBeating back obesity
May 16
Why Nurses Need More Authority
May 7
As childhood obesity improves, will kids in poverty be left behind?
May 1




Pesticide Exposure in Utero Linked to Brain Concerns
April 30
Texts prime parents to get kids a flu shot: study
April 24
2 Years On, Gulf Families, Businesses Holding On
April 20
Huffington_Post.jpgUrban Air Pollutant Linked to Obesity
April 19
64 Calories a Day: What Kids Need to Cut to Reverse the Obesity Trend
April 10
Chicago Tribune.jpgWhy Helping Others Makes Us Happy
April 5
The Healthy Bodegas Initiative: Bringing Good Food to the Desert
April 3




NY Makes “Synthetic Marijuana” Illegal
March 29
YahooFInance.pngObamaCare Takes Hits from SCOTUS
March 27
Mom’s Exposure to Air Pollution Can Increase Kids’ Behavior Problems
March 23
Forbes.jpgTax Rebates Boost Bankruptcies, and Why That's Not So Bad
March 12
Soda-drinking men at higher risk for heart attack
March 5
CBSmorning.pngChildren of the Tsunami One Year Later
March 10
Huffington_Post.jpgDo Not Resuscitate Orders: Time for Another Change
March 8
Japan's post-Fukushima earthquake health woes go beyond radiation effects
March 7






Genomics as a Final Frontier, or Just a Way Station
February 28
What's The Cure In The Race Against Breast Cancer?
February 19
Even a few days of air pollution may trigger heart attack, stroke
February 14
Snack bars and junk food common in schools: study
February 7
WSJ.jpgPfizer Cites Packaging Flaws in Birth-Control Pill Recall
February 2
Scientific_American.jpgCould an Infection Cause Tourette's-Like Symptoms in Teenage Girls?
February 2




When Scientists Lie
January 20
Under the Weather: How La Niña May Influence the Outbreak of Flu Pandemics
January 17
NewYorkTimes.jpgMental Health: Study Links Immigrating at Young Age and Higher Risk of Psychosis
January 13
USnews.pngAutism Gastro Problems May Be Linked to Gut Bacteria
January 10
WashingtonPost.jpgWhat a One-cent Soda Tax Buys
January 10
Forbes.jpg'Threat' of Jogging More Convincing Than Calorie Count in Curbing Soda Sales
January 4