Faculty in the News

Mailman School of Public Health faculty are renowned scientists, practitioners, and educators working on the forefront of critical public health issues in the U.S. and around the world. They are frequently called upon by journalists to discuss their work and to comment on vital issues and events of our day.


US News and World Report
Breathe Easier, New York City: Clean-Air Taxi Rules Are Working
May 29

Refugee Children in Ohio have Higher Blood Lead Levels than U.S.-Born Peers
May 20

Associated Press
Amid #MeToo, states debate teaching consent to kids
May 20

NBC News
Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says​
May 15

New HIV Map Offers the Most Detailed Look Yet at the Epidemic
May 15

The New York Times
The Impact of Early Sexual Initiation on Boys
May 13

The Hill
Sexual Assault Survivors Could Lose Health Access Under Trump
May 3


Is Measles Here To Stay?
April 30

PBS NewsHour
There’s a Measles Outbreak. Do You Need Another Shot?
April 27

What Healthcare Options Are There If Obamacare is Uprooted?
April 2


The Marshall Project
Medicare for All Is Missing a Vital Group: the Incarcerated
March 21

ABC News
Different Approaches to Recognizing Loneliness in the Elderly
March 17

Health Gazette 24
Adolescents Affected by Inequality in Health Globally Study Suggests
March 14

Los Angeles Times
Mental Health Problems Are on the Rise Among American Teens
March 14

Measles Is Spiking Around The Globe. How Worried Should We Be?
March 12


The New York Times
A Better Path to Universal Health Care
February 21

New York Magazine
Trump’s Environmental Policies Are Putting the Health of American Children at Risk
February 20

New York Daily News
Trump’s Vision of Defeating AIDS Is Achievable
February 18

Why Period Activists Think the Drop of Blood Emoji Is a Huge Win
February 8


The New York Times
Deadly Ebola Virus Is Found in Liberian Bat, Researchers Say
January 24

NBC News
Americans Aren’t Making Enough Babies to Replace Ourselves
January 10

Young Patients Have Trouble Getting Private Talks With Doctors
January 9