Eugene Litwak

Eugene Litwak

Eugene Litwak

Professor Emeritus
Sociomedical Sciences and Sociology


722 W. 168th Street, room 1207B
New York NY 10032


Dr. Eugene Litwak focuses on how various types of groups impact health, seeking to identify which causes of death are best prevented by informal groups such as families, and those best prevented by professionals and formal organizations. Within this framework he has studied older people to determine which type of informal group, spouse, family, friend, or neighbor, might best provide help. In terms of education, Dr. Litwak has researched the optimal administrative structure for encouraging school reading levels and math achievement in addition to establishing health clinics. He also has been concerned with the optimal ways for health educators to work within communities to solve various types of health problems.


PhD, 1958, Columbia University
BA, 1948, Wayne State College

Select Urban Health Activities

Dental School Based Clinics: Process Evaluation: Dr. Litwak provided a process evaluation for the Dental School's school-based clinics. He interviewed Dental School faculty, principals of schools, teachers, clinic staff, leaders of community-based organizations, and community leaders in Washington Heights and Harlem. He indicated what conditions made the establishment of school-based clinics and to what extent they could be used in other places.
Women with AIDS: Dr. Litwak interviewed approximately 60 women who were HIV positive in the outpatient clinic at Columbia Presbyterian. He sought to identify the major problems they faced.
Caregivers of Patients with AIDS: Dr. Litwak interviewed caregivers of patients with AIDS in New York City and tried to assess their housing needs.

Select Global Activities

Training for Health Educators in Public Health, Puerto Rico: Dr. Litwak undertook a survey comparing three different approaches to health education for poor rural residents in Puerto Rico. For this project, mass media campaigns, organizational referrals, and grass roots organizing were compared for three types of health problems: childhood immunization programs, infant diarrhea, and community TB testing. Dr. Litwak found that it was necessary to consider different methods for different diseases.

Select Publications

Eugene Litwak Helping the Elderly The Guilford Press New York, NY 1985
V. L. Bengtson, & Lowenstein, A. Global Aging and Challenges to Families. Aldine de Gruyter 2003, Hawthorne, NY 27-53. 2003
Litwak, E., Moulton, H. and Jessop, D.J. N Parcours de vie, alliances et conflits interginirationnels.(Life Course and Cross-Generation Allegiance and Conflict) Retraite et Société ) 35 18-47 No35 Janvier 2002

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