Deborah Maine

Deborah Maine

Deborah Maine

Professor Emerita and Special Lecturer Clinical
Population and Family Health


60 Haven Avenue, B-2
New York NY 10032


Dr. Deborah Maine is an expert in women's health and reproductive health in developing countries with special emphasis on maternal mortality. She has published many articles and reports on maternal mortality, obstetrics and health care in the developing world, and on human rights. In addition to her responsibilities at the Center for Population and Family Health and as director of the Averting Maternal Death and Disability (AMDD) Program, she serves as a consultant to UNICEF, the United Nations Development Programme, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, and the World Bank.


Columbia Affiliations

Director, Averting Maternal Death and Disability

Other Affiliations

Member, Steering Committee, FIGO Save the Mothers Initiative

Honors & Awards

APHA Carl S. Shultz Award, 2001

Areas of Expertise

Global Health

Select Global Activities

Averting Maternal Death and Disability, World: Averting Maternal Death and Disability is a global program to improve access to and quality of emergency obstetric care. The program has implemented 89 projects in 52 countries.

Select Publications

Maine D How do socioeconomic factors affect disparities in maternal mortality? Journal of the American Medical Women's Association 56(4) 189-192 2001
Maine D The role of nutrition in obstetric care, including prevention of toxemia American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 72(Suppl) 298S-300S 2000
Yamin AE, Maine D Maternal mortality as a human rights issue: measuring compliance with international treaty obligations Human Rights Quarterly 21(3) 563-607 1999
Akalin MZ, Maine D, de Francisco A, Vaughn R Why perinatal mortality cannot be a proxy for maternal mortality Studies in Family Planning 28(4) 330-335 1997
Maine D, Akalin MZ, Chakraborty J, de Francisco A, Strong M Why did maternal mortality decline in Matlab? Studies in Family Planning 27 179-187 1996
Maine D, Akalin MZ, Ward VM, Kamara A The Design and Evaluation of Maternal Mortality Programs Center for Population and Family Health, School of Public Health, Columbia University New York 1997
Maine D, Wardlaw TM, Ward VM, McCarthy J, Birnbaum A, Akalin MZ, Brown JE Guidelines for Monitoring the Availability and Use of Obstetric Services UNICEF/WHO/UNFPA New York 1997
Richard Johanson and Salim Daya Evidence-based Obstetrics Oxford Blackwell In Press
D. Maine Quality of care in institionalized deliveries: the paradox of the Dominican Republic Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 82 87-88 2003
CP Puri and PFA Van Look Sexual and Reproductive Health: Recent Advances, future Directions, Vol. 2 New Age International New Delhi 485-492 2001

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