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Alfredo Morabia

Alfredo Morabia

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Alfredo Morabia, MD, was board certified in Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of Geneva, where he specialized in Occupational Medicine. He practiced both in Switzerland and Italy, before receiving a PhD in Epidemiology and an MHS in Biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. Dr. Morabiz returned to Switzerland and served as professor and head of the division of Clinical Epidemiology at the University Hospitals of Geneva from 1990 to January 2006. He is currently professor of Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health and at Queens College, City University of New York.



PhD, 1989, Johns Hopkins University
MPH, 1987, Johns Hopkins University

Editorial Boards

Editor, Preventive Medicine

Additional Affiliations

Professor of Epidemiology, Queens College of City University of New York

Areas of Expertise

History of Public Health

Select Publications

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