Mailman Student Voices

Rainbow Childhoods

Connor Wright launches a practicum project designed to support LGBTIQ data collection in Kenya. 

Not Just a Shot In The Dark: My Quest to End Gun Violence

Sun-Ming Jessica Pan reflects on her first encounter with gun violence and how it propelled her to demand action for this public health epidemic. 

Turning the Public On to Public Health

Harnessing her passion for the arts, Erica Chung translates public health topics and science findings into language that everyone can understand. 

Recovery Mode: My Practicum in Puerto Rico

MPH student Tiffany Smith shares a photo essay from her summer practicum on discovering Puerto Rico beyond the wreckage of Hurricane Maria. 

More Than Human Health

A special tour of the Bronx Zoo offers a glimpse into what animals and ecology can teach humans about protecting health. 

Out of Sight: Menstrual Hygiene And American Disasters

Samantha Khandakji writes about how she came to see natural disasters as forces that pose additional pubvlic health and safety hazards for women. 

I'm a Mailman Dreamer

A first-year SMS student describes his journey as a Dreamer whose undocumented status led him to discover his passion for public health. ​

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