Mailman Student Voices

Our Moment

Joaquin Effertz finds inspiration in public health movements of the past and encourages his classmates to seize the energy of the moment. 

Finding Your Path

For Kyle MacDonald, working in healthcare was always the goal. From pre-med college to medical school and then residency, he always had a degree of certainty that the path forward was rooted in medicine. That all changed in 2016. Read about Kyle's journey to public health. 

A Call To Pay It Forward and Build Community

Hector Sanchez Perez highlights the importance of community collaboration in solving the greatest public health challenges today. 

Public Health at 212 Degrees

Cynthia Kemp reflects on her time at Columbia Public Health and urges her fellow graduates to innovate, collaborate, and advocate as public health practitioners. 

Equal Health Under Law

After over a decade of working as an attorney in corporate and intellectual property law, Julius Towers followed his passion for public health and discovered an unexpected, but deeply personal calling to advocate for autism awareness.

A New York State of Health

Harmony Arcilla reflects on her time identifying strategies to increase public health awareness across New York with The Prevention Agenda. 

Rethinking My Longer Life

In an intergenerational class, one Columbia student explores aging and preparing for increased life expectancy with Dean Linda P. Fried 

Previous Student Posts

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